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Marker Pen Automatic Cartoner for YOSOGO

Automatic Cartoner with Specially Designed Marker Pen Feeding System for YOSOGO

In October of 2021 ÉLITER completed a cartoning project requested by YOGOSO, a Malaysia Stationery Manufacturer, for their Marker Pen packaging automation.

Marker Pen Cartoning Machine

The project is incorporated with a specially designed marker pen infeeding system. The operator is supposed to put marker pens into the container. The conveyor then starts operate and feeds marker pens into the pneumatic-cylinder-controlled infeeding unit and driven by servo motor with counting function. Once the required numbers of marker pens are detected, the infeeding unit introduced marker pens into the input conveyor of the cartoner. Two sets of infeeding systems are installed for purpose of piling two layers of marker pens.

Marker Pen Cartoning Machine

An automatic error elimination function is also incorporated in the cartoner. In case that there are not enough marker pens introduced (caused by the fact that one of the marker pen containers does not carry enough pens to be introduced to the cartoner), the pneumatic cylinder would receive signals from the PLC system and works to eliminate the corresponding position once it arrives at its place.

Marker Pen Cartoning Machine

DZH-120 Series End-Load Cartoner

ÉLITER – a HUANENG Company – always strive to offer our customer with affordable cartoning machine of efficient performance and personalized design. We introduce to the market our DZH-120 series End-Load Cartoner which is suitable for the carton box packing of miscellaneous carton types including: Tuck-End, Seal-End, Auto-Bottom, Hanger Carton, and so forth.

Horizontal Cartoner DZH-120


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Yosogo Writing Instrument Sdn. Bhd was founded in 1898 and till currently it has been growing steadily into on of the leading stationery manufacturers in Malaysia.

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