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How Packaging Equipment Pays back your Investment?

Investing in packaging machines and automation equipment is not only to streamline your production but also to bring more benefits to you and the people at your company.

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Questions to answer:

  • How do packaging machines improve your production?
  • What are the advantages of packaging machines over people?
  • Why should you consider packaging machines?

Smart automation solutions will unshackle your people and boost your company’s efficiency.
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how does packaging equipment pay back your investment and boost your business?

Sleeve Packaging Machine for Single Serve-Entrees

To start with the discussion, we have to understand that automatic packaging is an automation solution to replace hand packing with the minimum level of manual work involved. You may either turn to implement a packaging machine that works off-line or get your facility automated with a totally automatic packaging line.

Whichever choice you make, the machine will be helping your people run away from the dull and repetitive hand packaging, and take their time to do something that worth more.


Packaging Equipment Improves your Holistic Efficiency

People make mistakes, and people are slower than machines. This is of no doubt.

Automated packaging will eliminate the problem brought by manual mistakes and set your packaging and production at a smooth pace in a precise and reliable manner. Moreover, packaging machines never ask for any day off.

The secret is that the packaging machine always works in a configured manner without any diversion. As long as you are feeding it with the right product, in the right way, will never commit mistakes.

Your people are also set free from the nonsense of repetitive hand packing and they can turn to takes that ask for more human intelligence and create more value.


Automated Packaging Works Round the Clock

Given a fine facility and well-done scheduled maintenance, packaging machines can run 24/7, 365 days all over a year.

While people will ask for vacations, holidays, days off, and work only 8 hours per day. Machines will reply to your request and set off to operation without a halt. The more noticeable factor is that by implementing packaging machines, you can avoid the potential risk and cost resulting from the injury of your employees.


Packaging Machines are Stable in Delivering Works

Packaging machines always follow a previously engineered workflow so that each package discharged is in a precise and correct manner. For example, manually processing the film overwrapping will inevitably have the formed package with an unstable appearance of tuck and fold, each one is different from the other, while those packages done by an overwrapping machine are completely packed in the desired way with an appealing sense of luxury and tidiness. The final reward of your stable packaging is your customer’s satisfaction.


Reduce your Labour Cost

Installing automated packaging equipment can be expensive at once, even further it also brings about costs in the long run. Think about the labour cost you save with each machine installed.

As time goes on, the startup cost of a packaging machine is far less than the cost of labour in the same run.

Let’s see, hiring three people for hand packing of carton boxes, each one with a monthly salary of EUR 3.500, the annual cost will be EUR 105.000. And it recurs each year.

However, with the same annual cost, you will be able to install a basic intermittent cartoning machine. And this is an investment that happens once only.

With the years going after the first, the machine keeps paying back your investment and you are receiving better efficiency of packaging than manual work and at no further cost!


Time to Boost your Business?

With all these benefits bore in mind, are you ready to give it a shot?

To put it in a short way, the automatic packaging equipment will pay back to your investment by:

  • Improving your efficiency with a precise operation that commits no mistake
  • Saving labour costs and setting free your employees to take avail of their take for more valuable tasks
  • Avoiding injury of your employees
  • Attracting more satisfied customers and consumers

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