How is our Customer's Project Handled? Works at ÉLITER.


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How is our Customer’s Project Handled? Works at ÉLITER.

Between Non-standard and Standardized

A packaging solution project starts once we receive the inquiry from our customers who come from different industries and, usually, the products of which get almost few common things to share. Regardless of the fact that the packaging solutions nowadays have been modularized to a considerable extent and classified into primary packaging, secondary packaging, end-of-line, etc, and there are bunches of machines available for choice within each of them, the success of a packaging project still requires a case-by-case review and evaluation.

The person who is in charge of this step is – Yunfang – our Chief Engineer who leads a team of junior engineers and engineering assistants. A proposal is presented to our customers once the project is evaluated generally for its feasibility and specifications required to fulfill which some special revision and functions would be planed to installed in our standardized models.

Plan, Production and Test

To our Department of Sourcing and Production, instructions are sent by the Department of Engineering for their information to procuring necessary materials, components, and parts. Instruction is to be informed as well to our technicians at the site who will then proceed to handle the assemble of the machine during which process they coordinate among each for issue including extra components and engineers are also entailed for any technical problems that may occur. A cycle test is finally launched once the assembly is finished after which a video is to be taken for our customer’s review

Packaging and Delivery

With approximately 30 to 45 days passed which is usually our lead time, the machine is finally ready for delivery and would be positioned on our yard for preparation of packaging and final check to avoid any missing backup components, spare parts, tools and system configuration so that when the machine arrives at our customer’s site is immediately capable of being installed for production.

Onsite Installation and Configuration. Training and Life-Cycle Service.

Once the equipment arrives at our customer´s place we´d dispatch several technicians to offer support in installation. A training session is to be arranged which would last for several days for the sake that our customer and their employees get familiar with the functions and maintenance of the machine.  Service calls and technical support are provided throughout the life cycle of the machine. A warranty of one year or a specially negotiated period is also offered during which services are provided for free for any non-man-made or misoperation problem.

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