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How Carton Blanks Affects Cartoner’s Performance?

Carton Blankss – Indispensable for Cartoning

Cartoners, or cartoning machines, are always designed to load something into an erected carton box, fold and close the carton, and thus outfeed a finished product. Cartons come in a considerable variety of shapes, styles and sizes… thus a cartoner has to be designed for specific kinds of carton, however, regardless of these features, there are some others which are really important for that the cartoning machine can operate in a way it is supposed to work.


Erecting Pattern

Pen Carton loading How the carton is to be erected is a core factor that affects how well the cartoner runs. To be more exact, the carton blank to be erected on a right-hand design cartoning machine (infeed from left and outfeed from right, seen from front side), should have its left side panel, seen from the loading side, facing the top. On a left-hand designed cartoner, vice versa.

Such a factor has something to do with the force that makes the blanks erect when carton blanks are cached by the erector of cartoner. A wrong match would notably affect the performance of a cartoner leading to lots of malfunction of blanks erecting thus raising the failure rate.


It’s not the problem of the machine, but the carton


Paper Industry Instruments, a group company from Ohio, conducted numerous studies about those factors related to cartoning force that required to open or erect the carton blank, fold and close of flaps and panels. And it is found that cartons that have been stored for a period of time need relatively more force compared with those freshly made ones. Data shows that cartons with more than 90 days of storage require force as much as 3 times to open and form them, compared with recently manufactured ones, which is a result led by a combination of facts: temperature, humidity, density, their own weight, coating, etc… …

That explains why a machine that originally works fine and smoothly and nothing has been touched or changed, comes into a problem and malfunctions all of a sudden, while all the things involved are the same as in the past.


Our Suggestion

Procuring a set of packaging machine, getting it delivered and installed, is not easy as it sounds. Smooth and detail-focused communication between various parties is just the first step of the project. Any mal-communication will possibly add further to the cost of the project, in order to get it fixed. Always make it clear, not only details of the product, but also the design of carton’s layout.

It is upon us the age of carton stock… The suggestion is that companies may have to cycle their carton inventory more frequently and follow the “First-In, First-Out” concept to minimize their inventory and get their material moving as fast as possible.


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