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Hanging Box Cartoning: OTOFLY iPhone Case

Otofly: iPhone Case Cartoning Automation

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ÉLITER worked with Otofly to offer cartoning automation solution for their iPhone cases which are loaded into hanger boxes (hanging box or hanger cartons).

A milestone that marks our achievement in offering packaging automation solutions into the cellphone accessories market.




What are Hanging Boxes?

Hanging boxes, or hanger cartons, are those kinds of cartons or boxes with typical hanging tabs on which there are openings for the purpose that they can be hung on shelves.

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The hanging box is a good style of carton packaging for catching customers’ attention among hundreds of products on the shelves.

The opening on the hanging panel or hanging tab is also called the punch hole. The punch hole is used to support the box in hanging.

Should take a walk into a mobile phone store and especially on the shelves of, for example, iPhone cases, you will notice that the hanging boxes may be currently one of the most popular carton styles for cellphone accessories for their fine performance on branding performance.




iPhone 13 pro max case


OTOFLY was established in 2015 and is an experienced American brand seller in the field of iPhone accessories.

Otofly’s global sales volume has exceeded 5,000,000 orders every year and thanks to the high-quality products and customer care Otofly has accumulated countless loyal customers internationally.


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