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Gable Top Box Cartoning Machine: Enhance Your Food Packaging

Bespoke Cartoning Machines by ELITER for Gable-Top Cartons (Gable Bags)

gable bag carton samplesGable Top Carton/Box (Gable Bag) is one of the most special carton styles with an eye-catching appearance and unique shape. Relative studies have proven that a conspicuous and distinctive carton style can attribute a lot to catching the attention of customers.

Apart from the above factors, the gable top carton (gable bag) is capable of re-closing by inserting the tuck stretching from the long rear panel into the front panel.

ELITER Packaging Machinery understands our customers’ needs to enhance their products with unique appearance apart from the basic need to automate their packaging automation.


We maximize the level of customization of our 120 series cartoning machine so that it is adapted to the cartoning automation for gable-top cartons, knowing that cartoning machines should not only be made for those most common rectangular carton styles such as STE or RTE.


What is Gable Top Carton Box (Gable Bag)?

A gable top caton box is typical with its triangular cross-section seen from the upper part. A long closure panel stretching from the rear or front panel is folded to overlap the another and seal by hot melt glue to secure the packaging. The panel also comes with a tuck which can be inserted into the panel so that the box can be re-closed from being opened.

Gable Top Box
An Example of Folded Gable Top Box


For What Products are Gable Top Boxes Usually Used?

The factor that gable top boxes are non-standard and eye-catching results that they are used mostly in the FMCG industry and in the most cases, for food products such as

  • confectionery,
  • coffee and tea,
  • baked goods,
  • nut and dry fruit,
  • etc…

Apart from being used as food packaging boxes, the gable top cartons are synonym also for gift packaging and many more due to its versatility, solid feature and eye-catching appearance.


How Does Automatic Cartoning Machine Work for Gable Top Boxes?

Regardless of the bottom style of the carton box, the cartoning machine erects the carton blanks as it is for a regular carton, then the folding line on the side panel is folded by a folding unit, and after which the long closure panel is folded to overlap the opposite panel and sealed by hot melt glue.

Gable top carton layout
A gable top carton layout
Courtesy of ELITER Packaging Machinery


Looking for Your Bespoke Gable Top Box Cartoning Machine?

automatic cartoning machine d-typeELITER Packaging Machinery has your takes it personally to enhance your specific needs for customized and bespoke packaging automation solutions with which your products are processed being packed in the most unique carton styles and delivered for distribution and sale in excellent marketing condition.

Get in contact with us by sending an inquiry and asking for further information.





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