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ELITER Packaging Machinery Developing Full-Servo Overwrapping Machine

Development of Full-Servo Driven Higher Speed Overwrapping Machine
Overwrapping Machine

ELITER Packaging Machinery, a family business and packaging machinery manufacturer of market-leading overwrapping machines in China, is taking further effort in developing a full-servo version overwrapping machine – an advanced model with performance better than its current BT-2000L Turret Overwrapping Machines.

“Even though our current solution is already taking the lead in local market, given the fact that a maximum speed of 100 ppm is what none of the turret overwrappers in China can reach to, there is still an enormous gap between our overwrapping machinery and those ultra-high-speed film overwrapping machines in the world.”, said Zhiwei Bao, general manager of ELITER Packaging Machinery.



Further Action of Innovation

The reason that ELITER Packaging Machinery decides to invest further in the research and development of overwrapping machine is that there are still no ultra-high-speed overwrapping machines available in the local market, while local companies are already capable of offering high-speed cartoners. “Overwrapping machines are usually installed being connected to upstream machinery, especially the cartoner, however, an awkward fact is that, as a complementary end-of-line packaging solution, the current overwrapping machinery cannot match and keep abreast with the high-speed cartoners”, added Bao.

Taking avail of the occasion that ELITER Packaging Machinery is now working with SIEMENS China in developing Wrap-Around Sleever, the company asked for further technical support from SIEMENS to incorporate a full-servo driven design into the upcoming overwrapping machinery.

“Innovation is essential in the packaging automation industry. And working with ELITER is inspiring now that the company consists of a team of young people who are passionate about making it different,” says Yunfang Zhao, engineer at SIEMENS China, whose job is to cooperate and support the for local companies in the packaging automation and machinery industry.


About ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery – a HUANENG Company, is a family business for three generations in the packaging machinery industry. The company designs and manufactures Automatic Cartoning Machine and Overwrapping Machine and Wrap-Around Sleever.


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