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4 Questions about Automatic Sleeving Machine

If you are looking for automation solutions to replace hand packaging of cardboard sleeves by implementing an automatic sleeving machine, or to upgrade your current packaging equipment with a better one, the following questions are what you should ask yourself in a very detailed way.

Carton sleeve is a popular secondary packaging nowadays following the upsurging market of frozen-ready-to-eat meals, click here to learn more about wrap-around sleeve packaging and sleeve packaging machines.

sleeve wrapping of ready meals

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Questions to answer:

  • What are the different forms of cardboard sleeve?
  • How will you benefit from a sleeve packaging machine
  • What should you consider to find the right packaging machines for sleeves?


1. How Faster will the Machine be than Hand Sleeving?

Now that you are now packing the carton sleeve by hand, you can ask your employees and workers to see how much, let’s say, trays of ready-to-eat meals wrapped by cardboard sleeve, they can pack.

A person well experienced can probably pack somewhere between 20 and 30 sleeves per minute. This figure will be multiplied when there is more than one worker at your site. Meanwhile, it means that the labor cost rises as well.

Take note that the hand packaging speed is basically size-and-content-dependent. For example, if what is to be packed with cardboard sleeves is multipacks of yogurt cups, for example, in 1×3 format, the hand packaging speed will be significantly slower and may fall between 5~15 sleeves per minute. 

Seemingly, you may employ more people to handle the process, as long as you can afford the payroll. How about 20 people and then you can reach 300 sleeves per minute with such a 1×3 yogurt cups multipack? And a monthly salary pay of EUR 70.000,00 overall?


1x3x1 Yogurt cups in sleeve packaging

A packaging machine, let it be cartoning machine or wrap-around sleever, can pack cardboard sleeve with a speed that falls between 60 and 150 packs per minute, generally speaking. Furthermore, remember that the machine can keep running 24/7 and round the clock, while your worker will say goodbye to you once upon 8 hours reached every day.


2. What is the form of Sleeve you will Use?

There are two options for cardboard sleeves:

  • Unglued flat blank sleeves

Unglued flat blank sleeves are just a piece of cardboard. With such kind of sleeve, you should wrap it around the container and apply adhesive at the bottom to close the packaging.

  • Preglued sleeves

Preglued sleeves are just like carton boxes without flaps on the two ends. Packaging with a pre-glued sleeve is usually looser than that made with flat blank sleeves. Now that a residual space is kept to facilitate inserting the container from the open end.

Pre-glued sleeve and flat sleeve blank

Determining which kind of sleeve you would like to apply is critical to find the right machine and packaging automation for your sleeve.

In the case of pre-glued sleeve, you may turn to a cartoning machine for end-loading to pre-glued sleeves.

In the case of unglued flat blank sleeves, you must go for a wrap-around sleever or wrap-around sleeve cartoner.


3. What is your Budget?

Take note, wrap-around sleever is often more expensive than a cartoner (or to be more specific an intermittent cartoning machine).

You have to calculate your budget and the recovery term of your investment to decide which one is the right option.


4. What is your Requirement for Sanitation?

Food facility usually calls for rigid standard regarding cleanliness, sanitation, and maintenance. With these factors taken into consideration, it is extremely important that the machine is of easy accessibility for cleaning, without any dead end that may keep dirt and dust in the long term.

Compared with a Sleever, the downside of a cartoner will be notable with these requirements. Click here to read about the importance of the washdown construction of a packaging machine for food-grade applications.


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