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110 Cycles per Minute: Film Overwrapper for Tobacco, Shisha and Hookah

The Corresponsive Overwrapping Machine for your Tobacco, Shisha, and Hookah Packaging Automation

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Incorporated to the discharge side of the cartoning machine as a downstream and complementary packaging automation solution, being faster, more precise, more reliable and stable seems to be a challenge with the overwrapping machine. Especially when it comes to relatively small objects such as a tobacco box or boxes for shisha and hookah for which the upstream flow wrapper and cartoner machine are usually set up at a speed around 100 PPM.

The problem is that an adequate overwrapping machine by an E.U. or U.S. manufacturer would be out of the end-user’s budget, while those cheap and mediocre piles of steel sold in the Chinese market can never meet the expectation either in terms of performance or quality.

And to offer a fix, from ÉLITER Packaging Machinery we present the market-leading overwrapping machine in the Chinese market for context that calls for a higher speed up to 100 PPM, a level and performance to which none of the cheap ones in the market can ever parallel or reach.


Updated Structure and Patented Technology

Overwrapping Machine for Shisha and Tobacco

Engineers at ÉLITER Packaging Machinery have noticed that the majority of the turret overwrapping machines in the market are unable to work at higher speed in a stable manner, principally due to the fact that their turret are driven directly through a gear motor, and as well for some reason regarding the mechanical transmission, not even to mention their poor status of craftsmanship and inferior quality of SUS and other materials used.


Updated Mechanical Transmission and the Tri.Driver

With the ELITER Overwrapping Machine, we have updated the total mechanical transmission design and structure. And above all, a specifically designed structure is installed with the turret together with a cam divider, in order to improve the stability when the machine is running at a higher speed.

With the updates enhanced within our overwrapper, the machine is capable of running at a speed of up to 100 cycles per minute and covering carton sizes from 60*40*20 mm to 200*160*80mm.


Higher Speed Overwrapping Machine for your Shisha and Hookah Packaging

Automatic overwrapping machine

The corresponsive overwrapping machine with a speed of up to 100 cycles per minute that synchronizes and keeps pace with the high-speed upstream machineries such as flow wrapper and cartoner for your shisha and hookah packaging line. Just get in contact with our representative to ask for further information and details.


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