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Expert in Cartoner Machines for Snap-Lock Bottom Cartons

A Typical Carton Style for Heavy-Weight Holding Purpose

Cartoning Machine for Snap-Lock BottomSnap-Lock Bottom Cartons, known as well the 1-2-3 Bottom Cartons, is a typical style of carton bottom that is designed for the purpose to load heavy objects and for facilitating the folding and tuck-in process.

Folding a Snap-Lock Bottom Carton Consists of three steps basically:

  • Fold the first-in closure panel (The large one without the tuck tab)
  • Fold the two dust flaps on the horizontal end
  • Fold the last-in closure panel, apply and push in the tuck tab around the center where the rest meet each other


The finally formed carton is of a sleek bottom style and consists of a self-supporting structure thanks for which the carton will be capable of carrying large, heavy and multiple objects in it.


Bespoke Cartoning Machine for Snap-Lock Bottom Cartons



At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, we always bear in mind and believe that cartoner machines should not be only designed for tuck-end applications only, yet however, to meet the specific requirements and expectation to be special with their cartons, we build our cartoning machine down to a level of maximum customization so as to be adapted to various carton styles.

Bespoke Snap-Lock Bottom Folding and Tuck-in Station

cartoner machine for snap lock bottom cartonsFor the purpose that the cartoning machine can be applied for the cartoning automation of snap-lock bottom cartons, we install a specific and designed station alongside the discharge lug chain which is designed specifically according to each snap-lock bottom carton’s size.

The station imitates the manual folding process of folding the snap-lock bottom just like it was mentioned at the beginning of the blog following the 1-2-3 steps:


  • A downward heading air cylinder is there for the folding of the first-in closure panel.
  • Meanwhile, when the carton is heading forward with the lug chain, the dust-flap folder folds the two flaps on the horizontal end.
  • As the final step the tuck-in of the last-in closure panel by en horizontally headed air-cylinder


Proven Solutions in Cartoning Machine for Snap-Lock Bottom Cartons

Snap-Lock Bottom Carton

Customers and clients worldwide have trusted our cartoning machines for snap-lock bottom cartons and all of the installed cartoners are there to endorse the feasibility and reliability of our solutions.

Our references in the world:

  • Yosogo
  • Buropa Maroc
  • Bona Vita
  • etc.


Ask for a Proposal and Cartoner Adapted to your Snap-Lock Bottom Carton

Regardless of the carton size and the containments to be loaded, our bespoke cartoning solutions section is always at your disposal to present a solution and proposal for your needs and expectation to enhance cartoning automation for your snap-lock bottom cartons.


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