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Excellence in Overwrapping: Our 1st Government Order

Overwrapping End-of-Line Solution Delivered for the Project Ordered by an Official Unit

Consisting of two overwrappers – One for single carton overwrapping and another for 1*5 multipack bundling connected by a conveyor and grouping system, a specially designed end-of-line overwrapping solution has been completed and delivered after having done the sample-test and shakedown-test.

Overwrapping Packaging Line

Excellence in Overwrapping Solution: Our First Project with an Official Government Unit

ÉLITER – a HUANENG Company – is a family business in the packaging machinery industry officially founded in 2013 yet with history tracing back to the early 2000s. We have been offering packaging automation solutions for customers in industries such as fast-moving consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, stationery, personal care, and so forth.

We always strive to provide our clients with personalized packaging solutions including cost-effective cartoning machines and high-speed turret overwrapping machines. Our BT-2000L Overwrapping Machine, recognized by the market as the best-in-class overwrapping solutions in China, for the first time has been ordered by an official government unit for their project. This marks a milestone in our excellence in packaging automation solutions and especially our professionalism in overwrapping automation.

BT-2000L Bundling Overwrapper

BT-2000L Bundling Overwrapper is an updated version of our General Application BT-2000L Overwrapper.  Joined by a servo steered grouping system to collate and overwrap a multipack of products. The turret wrapping process and the incorporation of our patent Tri.Driver® mark its higher efficiency and performance in comparison and contrast with base-seal bundling overwrapper.

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