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ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever at No-Load Test

Wrap-Around Sleever developed by ELITER Packaging Machinery

and SIEMENS China is under no-load test.

ELITER Packaging Machinery has been working with SIEMENS China, during the past several months in the development of Wrap-Around – a packaging machinery designed for the sleeve wrap-around packaging for ready meals, dairy cups, beverage, both in single container or multipack. Sleever is also known as sleeve cartoner. On May 19th, ELITER Packaging Machinery, with the technical support from SIEMENS, launched at its site the no-load test of the Wrap-Around Sleever, model ESTRENA™.

“ESTRENA™ means something being released for the first time. We hope that, as the very first Chinese manufacturer to develop wrap-around sleever, our machinery can turn up to be a supernova in the market.”, commented Zhiwei Bao, general manager of ELITER Packaging Machinery.

ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever is designed by ELITER Packaging Machinery with support from SIEMENS China in terms of programming and electric parts. The machine is development on full SIEMENS platform including:

* KTP 900 HMI
* SINAMICS V90 Logix Contoller
* SIMOTICS S Multi-Axis Servo Drives
* etc…

“We see that the ready meal market in China has been upsurging, to some extent, due to the impact of the pandemic. However, local companies can only count on imported sleevers for reason that there are no such kind of machinery made in China. This is a prospective market to enter”, said Bao.

ELITER Packaging Machinery expects ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever to be officially launched to the market by the September of 2022. The company’s further action after that will be the R+D+I of horizontal end-load case packer, which can be joined by the sleever to take form into end-of-line packaging solutions.

What is Wrap-Around Sleever?

Wrap-Around Sleever, or in a brief way called Sleever, is a sleeve cartoner or sleeve wrap-around cartoning machine that can place flat sleeves on a single container or multipack of containers such as trays, pots, tubs, cups, or bottles. etc.,  then slide (wrap) the sleeve around them and seal the sleeve by hot melt glue or in ways of interlock.

Wrap-Around Sleever can be used for the sleeve packaging automation of ready meals, dairy products, desserts, microwave meals, frozen meals, beverages…


About the Author and ELITER Packaging Machinery

Zixin Yuan – Digital Marketing Coordinator at ELITER Packaging Machinery
ELITER Packaging Machinery is a family business in the packaging machinery industry. The company’s current packaging automation solutions cover from automatic cartoning machines, to automatic overwrapping machines and Wrap-Around Sleever.

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