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ESTRENA Sleever Runs Ready Meal Plastic Trays

The Next-Generation Cardboard Sleeve Wrapping Machinery

Ready Meal Tray 210x140x65 mm

On Dec 1st, 2022, ELITER Packaging Machinery has done a loaded test on ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever (wrap-around cartoner) running 210*140*65 mm ready meal plastic trays. ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever is a servo-driven sleeving machine built on SIEMENS control platform and a model developed with ELITER’s mindset of “Next-Generation”.

The first official presentation of ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever is published with a video taken where the machine packs 210*140*65 mm ready meal trays at a rate of up to 100 wraps per minute, the cardboard sleeve is wrapped around the tray and sealed with a side glue seam.

The demo was realized with manual loading. We see the possibility that the machine can run the mentioned size of plastic trays up to 120 packages per minute. And in the case of lower trays, 150 packages per minute. These are levels of speed at which most situations of applications, either online or offline, manual loading or through upstream machinery, can be covered.

ELITER Packaging Machinery In the Press Release

Wrap-Around Application in the Food Industry

ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever is designed to pioneer wraparound cartoning, a packaging style that consumes less paper and printing materials without defecting the product’s shelf display effect. In addition to ready meal trays, ELITER’s sleeving machine is developed to handle a variety of pack styles and container types including dairy cups, snack pots, frozen meals, single-serve entrees, microwavable meals, canned tunas, fruit cans, prepared pet meals… and more. Pots, cups, trays, pots and so forth are timed end fed into the machine through an infeed unit and wrapped by cardboard sleeve with closure sealed underneath.


Food-grade application is a built-in feature of ELITERS’s wrap-around cartoner.

Unlike what other manufacturers in China usually do with their packaging machines to build machines with galvanized steel parts that do not meet the food safe serving standard, ELITER’s sleeving machine employs full stainless steel construction joined by some aluminum and plastic parts for food-grade application.


The option of washdown to IP65 is also offered to fit the extraordinary environment at a food processing and production facility where materials, liquids, and remnants are smeared and spilled around.

Follow our “Next-Generation” Plan

As a family-owned business in transformation and reincarnation, we will be gradually launching more models developed with the mindset of our “Next-Generation” Plan. The next step will be the next-generation cartoner! Keep informed by following our blog!.


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