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ELITER Packaging Machinery is Developing Horizontal End-Load Case Packer

Developing Horizontal End-Load Case Packer

“With Ambition to Become an Integrated Packaging Solutions Supplier”

ELITER Packaging Machinery is developing horizontal end-load case packer, with the purpose to enrich our category by covering more of the end-of-line packaging automation.

The horizontal end-load case packer will be an extra option to be connected with our ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever. Thus we can offer our customers integrated packaging automation for their ready-meal, dairy products or so forth.


What is Horizontal End-Load Case Packer?

horizontal end-load case packer“To understand what is a horizontal end-load case packer, let’s imagine that it is just like a horizontal end-load cartoner, however, it is used for loading cases so as to automate the tertiary packaging process”, commented Senyu Hu, the mechanical engineer at ELITER Packaging Machinery.

“The Horizontal End-Load Case Packer will be joined by servos and air cylinders to realize the functions of case erecting, loading and sealing.”, added Senyu.


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About ELITER Packaging Machinery

ELITER Packaging Machinery is a family business in the packaging machinery industry for three generations. The company’s category currently covers automatic cartoning machines and automatic overwrapping machines, and the innovative ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever which is just around the corner to be launched. The company is taking the transformation to become an innovation and R+D+I-focused packaging machinery manufacturer and supplier.



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