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ELITER Packaging Machinery | Cartoner, Overwrapper, Wrap-Around Sleever

ELITER – a Family Business in the Packaging Machinery Industry

We feel glad to announce that ELITER’s official website has landed.

With three generations of endeavor and profound experience in the packaging automation and packaging machinery industry, ELITER is founded to reinforce our presence at an international level and recognition worldwide.


Excellence in Film Overwrapping Machines

Automatic Overwrapping Machine

Film Overwrapping is also called tuck and fold wrapping or cellophane overwrapping. ELITER has long been offering overwrapping packaging machines both in the local and international market ever since the outset of our business.

Our current market-leading position is marked by our by BT-2000L Automatic Overwrapping Machine driven by our patented technology with unparalleled output and best-in-class quality.


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Trailblazer of Cardboard Sleeve Packaging Automation

sleever wrap-around sleeveFrom a single tray to a multipack of yogurt and beverage cluster, our wrap-around sleever has your sleeve packaging automation covered.

ELITER is one of the very first Chinese manufacturers of wrap-around sleeving machines that has the long-lasting market blank of sleeve wrap-around packaging automation fulfilled.



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Cost-Effective Horizontal End-Load Cartoning Machine

ELITER is a supplier of economic and effective automatic cartoning machines. The DZH-120 Series Automatic Cartoning Machine is the cost-effective solution we offer to the market marked by

  • Personalized design
  • Wide range of applications with easy format changeover
  • User-friendly Human-Machine Interaction
  • Affordable cost, higher quality and effective performance


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