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Dairy Products and Wrap-Around Sleeving Machine

Wrap-Around Carton Sleeving Machinery for Dairy Products

ELITER Packaging Machinery – has introduced to the market the Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever to enhance packaging automation for carton sleeve wrap-around packaging. The wrap-around sleever is perfectly designed to deliver high-performance operation and packaging performance.

The machine can be connected to upstream machines such as tray sealer, thermoformer (thermoforming machines) and filling machines. The products are introduced to the wrap-around sleever in a collated manner and the sleever will automatically catch and place sleeves on the container after which a series of components are going to fold the sleeve around the container and glue the sleeve on the bottom.


WAS Wrap-Around Sleever
cartoning machine
Market-Leading Carton Sleeving Wrap-Around Machinery


Wrap-Around Sleeving

Simple & easy operation and excellent performance

Available for single and multipack carton sleeve packaging

Precursor and market-leading wrap-around sleever

yorgurt multipack carton sleeving machine
yorgurt multipack wrap-around sleeving machine


Dairy Products and Carton Sleeve Packaging

Dairy Products refer to foods made from milk among which the most consumed products are yogurt, dessert cups and pots, cheeses, ice cream and so forth.


Multipack Sleeve with Cap LockCarton sleeve packaging is a usual form of secondary packaging used for dairy products like previously mentioned ones. Both a single container or a multipack is available for the wrap-around sleeve packaging.

Containers are stacked together and then the sleeve wraps around or slides around them and is then sealed by glue or interlocked on the bottom.

The advantages of sleeve packaging are that sleeve saves printing material used compared with traditional carton box. The sleeve is also ideal and straight-forwarding in visual appeal and thus tend to be conspicuous and of good branding and marketing performance.



Sleeve Packaging Styles and Containers We Cover

Our sleeve cartoning machine and wrap-around sleever cover a variety of carton sleeve packaging styles and different containers.

For thermoformed multipack of yogurt cups, for example 2×2 format, we suggest a total wrap-around sleeve packaging, and in the case that the containers are of rounded shape, rims must be with the sleeve blanks.

The available containers for the dairy products to be wrapped:

  • Cups
  • Pots
  • Tubs
  • Bottles

Variety of dairy products our sleeving machines can cover:

  • Jelly
  • Yogurt
  • Snack
  • Dessert
  • Ice cream

Styles of sleeve packaging:

  • Total wrparound
  • Partial wraparound
  • bottom through wraparound
  • etc.


Looking for Sleeve Wrap-Around Packaging Machine?

At ELITER, your need of a packaging machine to cover the packaging automation of carton sleeve wrap-around packaging is covered. We offer as following packaging machines for your choice:

  • Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine
  • Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever


Our experienced engineering team and professionals are at your disposal to enhance packaging automation into your business to boost your efficiency.

Check the following blog posts to find more info about cardboard sleeving and our automatic carton sleeving machines

Or get in contact with our team directly to ask for your personalized solutions.

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