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Cosmetics Overwrapping Machines and Perfume Film Packaging

Overwrapping Packaging in the Cosmetics Industry

“ELITER Packaging Machinery offers efficient, flexible and quality-focused overwrapping solutions for cosmetics industry”

A majority of cosmetics products, perfumes, for example, are overwrapped in plastic film in a tight and precise manner. Film overwrapping packaging in the cosmetics industry is of significant importance and higher requirements are to be attached.

Overwrapping on cosmetics products should both enhance the visual appeal & sense of luxury and protect the containment from exterior contamination. A perfect film overwrapping packaging for cosmetics must be free from wrinkle or scuff and in a bright, tight and precise manner.

L'or d'Orient

nail oil overwrapping packaging


Excellent Overwrapping Machines for Cosmetics

Attention-catching, bright and unwrinkled overwrapping packaging is a “must” for cosmetics products to stand out from the shelves so as to shine for customers. With this factor bore in mind, ELITER Packaging Machinery aims to offer customers from the cosmetics industry high-end overwrapping machines to add value to their products.


Manufactured with Care & Flexible Sealing Method

Overwrapping machines by ELITER are handled with extra care. All surfaces that have contact with the product are to be processed and polished so as not to scratch the product. The shrinking station is available for either full-seal, strip-seal, or spot-seal. With the latter, a tiny heat-shrink dot is left on the tuck-and-fold end, so as to keep wrinkles at the minimum level.


Excellent and Market-Leading Performance

ELITER machines outstrip the old-designed and fair-average turret overwrapping machines in the market by other Chinese manufacturers. The patented technology is installed within the machine which improves the stability and reliability when working at higher speed up to 100 PPM.


Quick Changeover

The updated turret design has minimized the change parts during format changeover. The adjustable and cantilevered structure also enables fast format configuration by just rotating the handles within the machine so as to fit a new carton size.


Wrapping and Packaging Machinery for Cosmetics Overwrapping

ELITER Packaging Machinery takes it noted the value bore within cosmetics products and it is essential the high-end and precise overwrapping packaging to improve visual appeal and luxury presentation. Automatic overwrapping machines by ELITER Packaging Machinery are capable of enhancing packaging automation for the full process of tuck-and-fold wrapping and thus the products are wrapped by the film with perfect appearance without defects.

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