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cellopahne wrappingCellophane overwrapping is also called film overwrapping. Machinery used to automate the packaging automation process is usually referred to as cellophane wrapper, cello-wrapper, or cellophane overwrapping machines. Though frequently referred to as cellophane wrapping, cellophane itself as the material for such plastic film wrapping has been supplanted by polyethene (or polyethylene).



What is an Automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine?

An automatic cellophane overwrapping machine is a film wrapping machinery that can wrap a cuboid or cubic carton with film, fold and tuck and fin the film the both ends of the carton and then shrink the film to secure the film packaging. The cellophane overwrapping machine basically consists of:

  • Infeed section
  • Film reel where film rolls are loaded
  • Film infeed unit
  • Folding stations
  • Heat-shrink stations

What are those Frequently Used Materials for Overwrapping?

Materials used for film overwrapping vary in terms of shrink property, stretch property, health and environmental concerns, recyclability and degradability.

Poly Vinyl Chloride, PVC

PVC used to be a frequently used material for overwrapping considering its performance to shrink. However, the production and then the disposal of PVC involve the emission of dioxins, which is cancerogenic, has led to the gradually less use of it.

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, BOPP & Oriented Polypropylene, OPP

The difference between BOPP and OPP is that the former is capable of being stretched biaxially. Apart from the excellent stretch property, the production and disposal of OPP & BOPP involve no materials or emissions that can affect health and the environment in a negative way.

Polyethylene, PE

PE film is also characterized as a toxic-free, healthy & environmentally friendly film material. PE outstrips BOPP in terms of stretch property. The cons of it is that PE is not high-temperature-resistant.

Industry and Products where Overwrapping Packaging is Used?

The overwrapping packaging is usually used for purpose of water-proof, the resistance to humidity, dust, and other exterior contamination. What’s more, overwrapping packaging can improve the product’s visual appeal due to its tuck-and-fold appearance.

overwrapping packaging

a sample of overwrapping packaging

Products and industries where cellophane overwrapping packaging is used generally are:

  • Tobacco Products: Cigarette, Shisha, Hookah…… Collating Overwrap has been adopted to replace an outer carton
  • Pharmaceuticals: Pharmas sometimes turn out to be temperature-sensitive. The overwrapping produces less heat than shrink-wrapping does
  • Luxury Products: Perfume, cosmetics… which need prestigious visual appeal
  • Drinks: Coffee and High Tea… same reason for fine visual appearance
  • Digital Products: CDs, DVDs…


How Cellophane Overwrapping Machine Manufactured by ELITER Outstrips Others?

BT-2000L & BT-2000LZ Cellophane Overwrapping Machines by ELITER Packaging Machinery are incorporated with patented technology, and also with second-generation updated design & structure.

 Cellophane overwrapping machine


The advantages our overwrapper has over the other overwrapping machines in the Chinese market are as follows:

  • Improved stability and performance when operating at higher speed thanks to our patented design

Our Cellophane Overwrapping Machine BT-2000L can work at a higher speed that the elder-design cellophane wrappers in the Chinese market can not reach, or on which speed they can not work in a reliable manner.

  • Enhanced stability of turret motion controlled through cam indexer by motor and secured by our Tri. Driver. 

Turret of outdated cheap overwrappers in the Chinese market is driven by gear motor directly without extra and few mechanical designs to enhance its operational reliability and stability.

  • The capability of working at higher speed up to 100 PPM with smooth and accurate tuck-and-fold performance guaranteed

Well-fabricated tuck-and-fold stations and handcraftsmanship-focused & quality processed components, together with the advanced machine design, the cellophane overwrapper by ELITER Packaging Machinery can ensure wrapping performance at higher speed.

  • Updated turret design with mold cost cut to a third of that of elder-designed overwrappers in the market

Overwrapping machines by ELITER Packaging Machinery in the press:

Looking for a Reliable Supplier & Manufacturer of Cellophane Overwrapping Machine?

Professionals at ELITER Packaging Machinery are at your disposal to offer cellophane overwrapping solutions to enhance visual appeal and packaging automation for your products.

Contact ELITER Packaging Machinery Team for further information about your cello-wrapping automation solutions.

overwrapping machine

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