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Cartoning & Overwrapping: Shisha and Tobacco End-of-Line

Secondary Packaging End-of-Line for Shisha, Hookah, and Tobacco

Cartoning and Overwrapping for tobacco and Shisha MultipackAt ÉLITER Packaging Machinery and with our excellence in offering packaging automation solutions for customers from the tobacco industry, we look also to provide an integrated end-of-line solution covering secondary packaging including cartoning and overwrapping at once.

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Cartoning and Overwrapping End-of-Line for Shisha and Tobacco




A Synchronized Integrated Packaging Line for Shisha

We incorporated within the packaging line a complete SCADA system to get the cartoning machine and overwrapping machine synchronized for various forms of packaging of shisha and tobacco.

The packaging line is and is capable of:

  • Being connected and synchronized with upstream machines such as the HFFS to receive shisha pouches for cartoning
  • Available for either tuck-end application or adhesive application
  • Grouping the shisha cartons into forms of multipack wanted (1×5, 2×5, 1×10, 2×10, etc.)
  • Overwrap the multipack of shisha cartons with various film materials and with tear strip as optional

shisha packaging

Advantages of ÉLITER´s Packaging Solutions for Tobacco and Shisha

Keep your packaging cost at this most favorable economic scale by overwrapping your shisha cartons in a multipack with bundled film wrapping. Our proven packaging automation solutions for shisha, hookah and tobacco have been tested on bundled multipack forms of from 1×5, 2×5 to 2×10 cellophane overwrapping of multiple tobacco cartons packaging.

The tear strip or tear tape is available to provide convenience for tearing the packaging and add more visual appeal.

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