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Cartoning Machines for not only Tuck End Cartons

Cartoning Machine and Carton Box

snap lock bottom cartonCartoning machines are defined into different categories such as horizontal end-load cartoners, vertical cartoners, top-load cartoners… and, generally, they are all designed to erect carton blanks into carton boxes, insert objects into the cartons, and close the carton by folding the tuck and flaps or with hot-melt glue.

The factor, however, that makes cartoning projects more non-standard than other packaging automation such as film overwrapping or case packing, is that cartons always come in different sizes, styles, shapes and formats.

That is to say, cartoning machines are much more non-standard because of the need for customization and project-by-project review of the cartons.


Cartoning Machines Made for Beyond Tuck-End Cartons

Gable Top and Snap Lock bottom carton
Cartoning machines are never just only designed for standard cartons such as Straight Tuck-End or Reverse Tuck-End Cartons.

ELITER Packaging Machinery Strives to offer our customers cartoning machines with the maximum level of personalization and customization to meet their need for being special which is also a crucial part of their business.

Our customized and non-standard cartoning machine and automation solutions cover from the most basic RTE and SET cartons to the most special cartons such as gable top carton and snap-lock bottom carton.


Inquiry for your Customized Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine

Are you looking for a customized cartoning machine designed to meet your specific needs?

ELITER Packaging Machinery has it as our ambition to provide and supply our customers cartoning machines at the most affordable cost as possible while ensuring a beyond fair-average performance and effective performance, and at the meanwhile, enough margin for your imagination and customization to fit your special carton designs.




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