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Cartoning Machine for Ball Pens and Mark Pens: How Does it Work?

Cartoning Machines Designed for Stationery

marker pen snap lock bottomCartoning machines are used for the carton packing automation of various products. In terms of stationery such as ball pens and marker pens which are usually loaded into a carton box in multiple numbers, the manpower is absolutely not an ideal option regarding the efficiency and cost now that:

  • Counting the pens
  • Fold the carton blanks
  • Insert pens into the carton
  • Manual tuck-in

take a lot of time especially when there are bunches of ball pens or marker pens to be loaded into the carton. In that sense, adopting a cartoner is the best choice.




How Does Cartoning Machine Work for Ball Pens or Mark Pens?

A cartoning machine designed for ball pens and (or) mark pens basically fulfills functions, apart from what normally a cartoner does such as:

  • erecting carton blanks
  • inserting products into the carton
  • fold and tuck-in the flaps

should also be able to / be with:

  • a hopper (container) in which a large number of pens are stored
  • counting the correct number of ball pens or marker pens to be loaded
  • grouping the pens into the desired form of multipack (tiers and rows)
  • rejecting the groups which do not meet the required number

The work process of a cartoning machine for ball pens or marker pens is basically as follows:

  • Catch individually pens from a hopper and take them to the grouping unit
  • when a certain number of pens are grouped, release the pens into the cartoner or release them for another group (i.e. 2 tiers of pens)
  • Introduce the grouped pens into the cartoner
  • Erect carton blanks, insert pens, fold and complete tuck-in of flaps, discharge

Structure of a Marker Pens or Ball Pens Cartoning Machine

Basically, a cartoner for marker pens or ball pens consists of two major parts: the infeed system and the cartoner itself. Following its work process we explain what are those structures that take up the whole machinery.

Pens Hopper

Based on the number of pens to be packed, several acrylic-plastic-made hoppers, in which bunches of pens are loaded, are installed at the beginning of the infeed system.

marker pen hopper cartoning machine


A specially designed timing belt according to the size of pens on which there are gaps in which the pens are secured is installed on the conveyor. The climbing conveyor takes the pens one by one into the grouping unit of the infeed system.

Grouping Unit

The grouping unit is composed of a pair of pneumatic cylinders the heads of which support, just like a platform, the two edges of the pens. A photoelectronic sensor (photo-eye) is there to count the number of pens grouped at send signals to the central PLC to determine when to release the grouped pens. Respecting how many pens are to be loaded, the number of grouping units may vary from one to four sets.

pens cartoning machine grouping unit


There’s the possibility, for example in the case of two tiers of pens to be loaded, only one tier of grouped while another does not complete it, the rejector will reject the corresponding grouped pens which are already loaded on the cartoner.

Cartoning Machine

Refer to Guide for Cartoning Machine for detailed information cartoning machine’s structure.


Ball Pens & Marker Pens Cartoning Machine by ELITER Packaging Machinery

marker pen cartoning machineMarker Pen & Ball Pen Cartoning Machine by ELITER Packaging Machinery is a proven stationery cartoning machinery. The machine can be adopted to the cartoning of ball pens and marker pens in multiple tiers and in carton styles, not only normal ones such as RTE or STE, but also auto-bottom and snap-lock bottom cartons.

Contact ELITER Packaging Machinery Team for further information about your stationery cartoning automation solutions.





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