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Cartoning and Overwrapping Equipment with Intl. Presence

Growing at a Fast Pace

ÉLITER, as a subsidiary company and new brand of HUANENG, has been attributing continuously during the year 2021 to the company´s pace of internationalization to establish cooperation with agents and distributors of packaging machinery on an international level.

Especially in the region of South-East Asia, we have achieved remarkable progress offering packaging equipment for customers from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, food industries, and stationery industries.



Our Achievements in the Region South-East Asia

Nanjing Packaging Machine Expo

During 2021 our horizontal end-load cartoners and overwrapping equipment have reached to customers from various countries in the region of South-East Asia. We are citing our previous updates about some of these projects:

Prospective of the Coming New Year

We’d basically going on with our current marketing positioning of

  • Offer affordable and effective-performance horizontal end-load cartoners
  • High-Performance Turret Overwrappers

Furtherly, one of our principle objectives is to improve our DZH-120 cartoning solutions towards a higher level of quality and performance. It is also on the way our wrap-around sleever with which we will be one of the very first manufacturers of sleeve wrapping solutions.

It is also one of our goals to improve our off-page-SEO performance.

We look forward to challenges in the future with partners worldwide to provide more advanced packaging automation solutions.

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