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Cartoner Machines Will Go to Buropa Maroc in Morocco

Buropa Maroc, a business located in Casa Blanca, Morocco, is a company that represents international brands such as Pilot, Conquerant, and Office Line, in the field of education, stationery, office tools and supplies, as well as fine arts.

The project was carried out with two cartoner machines designed one for whiteboard markers and another for ball pens, the former in 10x packs and the latter in 50x packs.

Cartoner Machines to be Installed in Casablanca, Morocco

Cartoning machine for office supplies - whiteboard marker and ball pensThe project involves two cartoning machines joined by customized feed systems with counting and grouping functions to pack whiteboard markers and ball pens in tuck-top and snap-lock bottom cartons. Both are to be installed in the site located in Casablanca, Morocco of Buropa Maroc, which is a co-manufacturer and copacker of world brands in the field of office supplies and tools.

The one for the whiteboard marker is configured to pack 10x pens into each carton box, in a form of 2×5 format. While another for ball pens will load a larger number of 50 ball pens into each carton box. Both are developed on ELITER Packaging Machinery’s traditional model which offers slow to medium speed application and low cost for set-up.

“With our traditional model of intermittent end-load cartoner we are able to handle miscellaneous products in a variety of carton box styles. Our intermittent cartoners are of low cost and for slow and medium speed application though, the flexibility makes it a good choice when clients would like to have their packaging design as special s possible.”, said Zhiwei Bao, general manager at ELITER Packaging Machinery.

The project is pending delivery to Casablance, Morocco. Following the past project with Yosogo, this is another testimonial for ELITER Packaging Machinery’s cartoning solutions in the field of stationery.



 Information on our Cartoner for Maker and Ball Pens

The bespoke cartoner for whiteboard markers and ball pens is joined by a special infeed system incorporated with functions of counting and grouping. The models apply to various office supplies, apart from those previously mentioned, as well as crayons, pencils, and other pen-like products.

Technical Data

  • Production speed: Up to 50 cartons per minute, format dependnet
  • Net weight: 1320 KG.
  • Size Covered: 40*30*20 ~ 260*100*80 mm
  • Size: 4200*1100*1650 mm


  • Feed units available between 1 and 4 for each cartoner
  • Automatic counting and grouping
  • Servo and Pneumatic feed unit
  • Tuck-in, adhesive, special carton styles application
  • CE mark

 Click here to find more information on the machine.

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