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Cartoner Installed for Singporean Snack Brand Tong Garden

tong garden biscuit sticksThe Singaporean renowned food and snack brand – Tong Garden – looks to implement packaging equipment for its co-manufacturing and co-packaging site in China. 

The project was completed to install a cartoner machine for adhesive application to pack biscuit sticks into glue end cartoners, speed configured at 70 cartons per minute.


Testimonial from the Regional Brand of Food and Snacks

Cartoning Machine Biscuit Sticks Tong Garden in SingaporeTong Garden is a Singaporean brand and a recognized regional leading brand in Asia with an international presence in Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. The task involved in this project was to implement packaging automation to load into glue-end cartons chocolate-coated biscuit sticks already packed in bags.

The project was handled by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery and carried out on the basis of our traditional entry-level horizontal end-load cartoning machine, which is a basic model but has been welcomed with installations in many countries such as Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East.

“The installation with Tong Garden is just another testimonial in the Asia Pacific region of our traditional cartoner machine which is of low cost yet sufficient to offer efficient automation solutions, and does not fall behind of what customer expects.”, comments Zixin Yuan, Marketing Coordinator and Sales Support.

Video taken at our site for acceptance

Aftersales Technical Support that Makes Differences

With the ease of commuting between the client’s facility and our site now that this is a local project, service calls were made for three times: one for the initial setup and staff training, and two for after-sales technical support. All we know is that packaging machine is not just about set-up and maintenance is important all over their life cycle.

Make Sure your Staff Pay Full Attention

With this case, the two aftersales support calls were both done due to the misoperation by the operator and the wrong settings configured. While it is the manufacturer’s obligation to offer training for those people whole will be operating the packaging machine, the end-user must also make sure that their employees are ready and will pay full attention to the training. This will also help to reduce the downtime with their production waiting for technicians to be sent.

Video taken at client’s facility

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Zixin Yuan gots her Graduate's Degree in International Business from Ningbo University. She is CEFR C2 certified in English with CPE by Cambridge University and responsible for digital marketing at ÉLITER Packaging Machienry.
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Company owner at ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, a mark of Huaneng Machinery. He is the third generation of the family business. He got the Msc. degree from the University of Granada and University of Vigo. He worked at several world´s leading companies in international shipping including HLAG, ZIM and K+N before taking over the family business in packaging automation.                           
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