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Cartoner Installed for Eye Drop Meds Brand in Russia

Тауфон (Taufon), Russian brand of eye drops and medications, ordered from ELITER Packaging Machinery a set of horizontal end-load cartoner to handle their special project to load bottles of eyedrop medicine and liquids into carton boxes with tuck-in tongues, which is an unusual style hardly ever seen.

eyedrop meds taufon

Cartoner for Eye Drops and Lubricants Brand in Russia

Another set of our traditional model horizontal end-load cartoners was installed in Russia for a company in the field of medicines for nutrition, restoration and youthfulness of the eyes. The project was done with an intermittent end-load cartoner joined by a rotary feed table for bottles and, above all, it was engineered to handle the cartoning of tuck and tongue boxes.

Tongue Box Cartoning Machine

The integrated system consists of an unscrambling table that organizes multiple bottles stored there to feed them one by one onto an infeed conveyer, the bottles are then set into the horizontal state from vertical so as to be fed onto cartoner machine’s bucket conveyor, a specifically designed tuck-in section is installed on the cartoner machine to complete the closure and tuck-in of tongues.

The traditional model of intermittent horizontal end-load cartoning machine by ELITER Packaging Machinery is an entry-level, spartan, and low-cost choice and has been a model with sound testimonials and installations all over the world primarily in Asia Pacific, South America, the Middle East, as well as some installations in the U.S. and Europe.


About Taufon


Тауфон (Taufon), the client engaged in this project, is a Russian medication company that offers various ophthalmic products including antibiotic eye drops, topical antihistamines, lubricating eye drops, etc., with specific ophthalmic solutions covering Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin, Tobramycin, Lifitegrast and more.


Information on our Cartoner for Bottle Application

Entry-level end-load cartoning machine with intermittent motion pattern, designed and built to meet client’s expectation for low cost and slow to medium speed installation.

The machine is available for either tuck-in or adhesive closure application, apart from bespoke designs to work for those most special carton styles such as snap-lock bottoms, gable top, tongues and tucks, etc.

Technical Data

  • Production speed: Up to 100 cartons per minute
  • Format: 60*30*15 ~ 260*200*80 mm
  • Net weight: 1320 KG

References: Fine Living Pharma, Taufon, and more


  • Intermittent motion for slow to medium-speed application
  • Entry-level model for low-cost installation
  • AC motors
  • Available bespoke infeed unit
  • CE mark

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