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Cartoner for Pouches & Sachets with Turning, Grouping and Infeed System

Cartoner Machine as an End-of-Line Solution for Tea and Coffee Pouches & Sachets

In the context of a packaging line of tea and coffee pouches & sachets, the items completed with primary packaging with coffee or tea bag packed in individual pouches are usually discharged from a VFFS or sometimes an HFFS and then placed laid down on a conveyor for further packaging processes.

In some cases, it is required that the laid down pouches coming from upstream VFFS or HFFS should be turned 90 degrees, erected with their front and rear parts facing horizontal, and grouped to be inserted into cartons for secondary packaging.

Pouches Infeed System for Cartoning Machine


Erected pouches to be inserted into cartonTo meet such requirement, a bespoke customized infeed system should be installed with the cartoner machine with functions and structures included as follows:

  • A series of buckets installed on chains that receive pouches from upstream machinery
  • The chains would head forward and turn 90 degrees to let pouches erected
  • An infeed unit that pushes the grouped and erected pouches into the bucket conveyor of the cartoner

We’d cover in this blog a detailed explanation of how such a cartoner joined by a pouch turning and infeed system works.




Accepting Pouches or Sachets from Upstream Inflow

Infeed of Pouches and Sachets into Cartoning Machine

Buckets with shape and size adapted to that of pouches are installed on the chains that go around the turning unit, the coming pouches from upstream can be accepted either by frontage or from the side face.

Acceptance of Pouch

A photo-eye is there to detect each acceptance of the pouch and set forward the bucket so the next empty one arrives in place to accept the next piece of the pouch. All above movement is control by servo motor combing the signals between the photo-eye and PLC.


Turning the Pouches to 90-Degree with Front and Rear Facing Horizontal

turning pouches

Upon the expected numbers of pouches reached and accepted, the servo motor will drive the chains forward towards the station to get into place for insertion towards the cartoner machine. The pouches are simultaneously turning 90 degrees with front and rear facing horizontal.


Introduction of the Grouped Pouches into the Cartoning Machine

Overhead insertion unitAn overhead insertion unit is there to push the turned and grouped pouches towards the bucket conveyor of the cartoner machine through a series of guides set up according to the shape of the pouch.

Meanwhile, from the acceptance side, the pouches keep arriving without cease so as the get the next grouping ready for turning and insertion.




Your Cartoning Automation Solutions for Pouches by just a Click

Pouches into cartonLooking to build an end-of-line solution with cartoning machine incorporated for your pouches or sachets packaging line? From ÉLITER Packaging Machinery we have handled numbers of resembling projects with automatic infeed of pouches, turning and grouping involved. Together with our bespoke cartoning machine built for a wide range of carton styles, we are at your disposal to present a personalized cartoning automation solution adapted to your line context.

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