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Cartoner for Confectionery in Gable Top Boxes

Gable Top Carton Boxes as an Ideal Packaging for Confectionery

Gable top boxesGable Top Box is such a carton box style with a triangular structure in the superior part.

Gable top boxes usually come with triangular folding lines in the two side panels, with which the carton can be folded into a triangular structure. An extra-long closure panel is folded over another side of the carton and then sealed by hot melt glue in most cases.

Another feature of the gable top box is that after it has been torn up, it can go for re-closure by inserting the tuck comes with the long closure panel into the front panel.

We cover in this blog the various types of gable top carton boxes and how a cartoner machine works for gable top boxes.



What do Those Products that Usually Come with Gable Top Boxes?

Considering that fact the gable top boxes are relatively charming shapes and appearance, it is often used for products that can be presented as gifts and are with relatively higher added value, especially confectionery products including:

  • Chocolate
  • Biscuits
  • Nuts and Dry Foods

Gable box for chocolates and nuts


Some Examples of Products in Gable Top Boxes



Types of Gable Top Boxes

The gable top boxes can be defined into various types according to how much the triangular folding part takes up of the side panel.

Gable Top Boxes with Upper Part of Triangular Folding

Gable box with unpper triangular folding

In the case of gable top boxes with upper part triangular folding, a limited superior part of the side panel comes with the triangular folding line to take form into a gable structure.

This kind of gable box is featured by its large inner space and capacity to load more containments.


Gable Top Boxes with Inferior Triangular Folding

Gable box with Inferior triangular folding

A limited area for folding is set with the side panel in the inferior part of it and thus causing a larger gable structure on the carton with almost all the upper part involved. The carton is erected and formed with a sleek appearance, however, it is not capable of carrying a large quantity of containments.

How Does a Horizontal End-Load Cartoner Work for Gable Top Carton Boxes?

The cartoning automation for gable top boxes is of no huge difference compared with those general carton styles, yet some specially customized functions are to be incorporated, for example, to fold the triangular line on the side panel.

Erecting a Blank for Gable Top Carton Box

Erecting the gable box

A carton blank is erected on the cartoner and secured on the lug chain in the same way as it is for general carton styles



The grouped containments are loaded on the bucket conveyor are inserted by the cartoner machine into the erected carton.


Folding the Triangular Line

Folding the triangular line of gable box

A pneumatic cylinder will be installed alongside the lug chain to fold the triangular line on the side panel and thus basically form the gable structure in the first place.




Folding and Sealing the Closure Panel over the Front Panel

A series of steel guides will fold the closure panel while the loaded and formed gable box is going through the lug chain. Finally, upon discharge, a loaded gable top box is completed by the cartoner.


Bespoke Cartoning Machine for Gable Top Carton Boxes Adapted to Your Expectations

At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, we believe that cartoners are not only built for carton styles as simple as tuck-end cartons. Rather, we bear in mind our customer’s need to enhance cartoning and packaging automation for their most special carton styles to both boost their production and branding performance. Get in contact now with our team to find our your bespoke cartoning machines and the customized cartoning automation solutions for your specific carton styles.

Gable Top Cartoning Machine - ELITER Packaging Machinery

Automatic Cartoning Machine for Gable Top Carton Box



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