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Cartoner by ELITER Packaging Machinery Reaches to Chile

Adhesive Application Cartoning Machine Delivered to Chile

Cartoning Machine

ELITER Packaging Machinery delivered another set of horizontal end-load cartoning machine toward Chile.

Installed with Focke Meler B4 Glue Melter, the machinery will be delivered to a labeling food manufacturer to enhance cartoning automation and boost their production.



Effort in Offering Efficient and Economic Cartoning Machinery

It has always been ELITER’s ambition to offer our customers and clients affordable cartoning machines while ensuring efficient, reliable and stable performance.

“Into the local market of not only cartoning machines, yet the whole packaging machinery industry have flocked a lot of suppliers and manufacturers who focus only ‘price-strategy’ to defeat their competitors, the inevitable subsequence is that gradually machinery made-in-China comes with worse quality. Market recognition has turned to be negative that made-in-China stands for ‘cheap’ and ‘inferior’ products ”, commented Zixin Yuan, marketing coordinator at ELITER Packaging Machinery.

“What we do is to set another course and run our business in a sustainable way. Offering a set of machinery is not a ‘once-for-all’ business. We do what we can to retain our customers and let them be satisfactory because installing a packaging machine is not a ‘once-for-all’ business”, said Zixin.


About the Author

Zixin YuanZixin Yuan – Digital Marketing Coordinator at ELITER Packaging Machinery

Zixin Yuan is a junior digital marketing coordinator who worked for Hyundai Merchant Marine, which is a container liner, before she took job hopping to the packaging machinery industry and joined ELITER Packaging Machinery – manufacturer of automatic cartoning machinesoverwrapping machines and wrap-around sleever. Her interest lies in topics about international trade, supply chain, analysis of Chinese local market and economy.


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