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Carton Sleeving Machine and Wrap-Around Sleever

What is Carton Sleeve Packaging?

Sleeve Ready Meal Packaging


The carton sleeve packaging refers to such kind of packaging form where a product, tray, container or a multipack of objects that are wrapped or slid over by a printed cardboard or paperboard carton sleeve.

The carton sleeve packaging is a succinct form of packaging that can both add protection and enhance branding performance while saving the most possible printing and packaging materials used.




Packaging Machines for Carton Sleeve Packaging

Automatic packaging machines for carton sleeve packaging are basically defined into three groups:

  • Pre-Glued Sleeve Cartoning Machine:
    which uses pre-glued sleeves for packaging and is designed based on an automatic cartoning machine
  • Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine:
    which used cardboard or paperboard sleeves for packaging and is designed based on an automatic cartoning machine
  • Wrap-Around Sleever
    A specific kind of automatic packaging machine designed to place, and overwrap paperboard and cardboard sleeves around miscellaneous containers and objects.

You can refer to our previous blog post to find details about each of them:

In this blog, we are going to cover only details about the Carton Sleeving Machine and Wrap-Around Sleever and their differences, pros and cons.



Automatic Carton Sleeving Machines

Cartoning Sleeve Wrap Around MachineAn automatic carton sleeving machine is in essence an automatic cartoning machine (horizontal end-load cartoner) customized for the sleeve packaging.

The sleeve carton blanks are captured and erected by the cartoner from beneath with the inner surface facing the top, while products are introduced from the horizontal end. Then the sleeves are folded and sealed by hot melt glue.

An automatic carton sleeving machine can only have the glue flap sealed on the top, regardless of the products are transposed or introduced in the right position.


An automatic cartoning sleeving machine is generally an economical and less-efficient option compared with the Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever.



Wrap-Around Sleever

carton wrap around sleeving machineWrap-Around Sleever is fully automatic packaging machinery designed specifically for sleeve packaging.

The sleever can place the sleeve blanks on the container(s) to be wrapped and which are not necessarily to be transposed in order to have the glue flap on the bottom. After a series of processes, the sleeve is folded and wrapped around the container, and sealed by hot melt glue on the bottom.

Wrap-Around Sleever is the most efficient solution for sleeve packaging and is capable of forming the tightest possible sleeve packaging rather than other ways of packaging automation.



An Overview of the Pros and Cons

We have an overview and brief conclusion as follows about the pros and cons of automatic carton sleeving machines and wrap-around sleever.

Automatic Carton Sleeving Machines

  • Affordable cost


  • Glue flaps are always sealed on the top
  • Products must be transposed in order to have the glue flap on the bottom
  • Less effective


Wrap-Around Sleever

  • The most effective sleeve packaging automation solution
  • Sleeve packaging is always formed in the right way with glue flap on the bottom
  • Relatively higher cost
  • Designed for sleeve packaging only


ELITER’s Wrap-Around Sleeving Machines

From Wrap-Around Carton Sleeving Machines, customized based on our Horizontal End-Load Cartoning Machine to Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever, which stands for our market-leading position in the innovation of wrap-around sleeve packaging machinery,

Our experienced engineering team and professionals are at your disposal to enhance packaging automation in your business to boost your efficiency.

Carton Sleever - ELITER Packaging Machinery

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