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Canned Tuna Wrap-Around Sleeve Packaging Machinery

Tuna Cans – Popular Source of Protein

Tuna Cans Wrap-Around Sleeve Packaging Machine

Tuna are fished in over 80 countries worldwide and processed into canned tunas. Canned tuna is a popular source of protein at affordable prices and thus consumed in large quantities worldwide.

Manufacturers tend to packed tuna cans in wrap-around cardboard sleeves to sell on shelves multipacks of tuna cans. And here comes ELITER to enhance wrap-around sleeve packaging automation with our cutting-edge sleeve packaging machinery.



Cardboard Sleeves and Tuna Cans

Canned Tuna Sleeve Wrapping Around Machines

Multipack tuna cans are usually packed or wrapped around by a piece of cardboard sleeve. Such sleeves usually have some tiny cut-outs with which the fringes of cans are secured that make the packaging solid enough.

The reason why sleeves are used is that, compared with traditional six-faced carton boxes, sleeves are more material-saving and convenient to tear off. Whatsmore, sleeves outfox carton boxes in terms of branding performance and visual appeal.



Sleeve Packaging Machine:

Wrap-Around Sleever for Tuna Cans

Carton Wrap Around Sleeving Machine


ELITER Packaging Machinery is the precursor of wrap-around sleeve packaging machinery and packaging automation solutions in China.

Our WAS Wrap-Around Sleeve is capable of enhancing sleeve wrap-around packaging automation for your tuna cans. No matter they are multipack in one layer with 3 packs or more, or a cluster with 2 layers.

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