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2*3 Bottles Multipack on Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine

Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoner for 2*3 Milk Bottles

Sleeve wrap around cartoner machineAt ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, we feel glad to share a recent project completed of a Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine for 2*3 dairy bottles multipack in carton sleeve.

A Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoner is a bespoke cartoning machine for flat blank carton sleeves, and is different from a Pre-Glued Sleever or Cartoner which is used for pre-glued sleeves.

The Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoner is typical for the fact that the glue flap is sealed on the upper part of the packaging, rather than on a Wrap-Around Sleever where the container is slid by the sleeve and glue-sealed in the inferior part.



Benefits of the Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoner


The Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine is an economic and cost-saving alternative of a Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever. The Sleeve Cartoning Machine is built on a horizontal end load cartoner, which can erect a sleeve with the horizontal end open and the superior part unsealed.

Thereafter, the grouped milk bottles are pushed into the formed sleeve package by the horizontal end, following which process a series of functional stations will fold the glue-flap, jet hot-melt glue on it, and fold another panel to cover the whole top and get sealed and secured with the glue flap.

Wrap Around Sleeve Cartoning Machine

Products and Multipacks that Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoner Covers

The Wrap-Around Sleeve Cartoner is basically capable of the carton sleeving of relatively small containers such as follows.

  • Dairy Cups
  • Yogurt Cups
  • Dessert Cups
  • Dairy Bottles

Multipacks: It is better that the multipack is of a single layer while in terms of rows and sides packs there are no specific restrictions.


Expert in Bespoke Cartoning Machines

At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, we believe that cartoning machines are not only fur tuck-end cartons or even just six-sided rectangular cartons of any top or bottom styles.

We try to get our cartoning automation solutions reach further to packaging styles beyond cartons.

Get in contact with our representatives right now to find out the bespoke cartoner and cartoning automation solutions for you.

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