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Bottle Cartoner Goes to EuroPharma for Dietary Supplements

adaptra Europharma Terry Naturally Adaptra is a subsidiary brand of EuroPharma in the United States located in Wisconsin. With ELITER Packaging Machinery’s help they implement a bottle cartoning machine to facilitate their packaging for (Adaptra) Ashwagandha & Rhodiola Supplement which comes in the form that 60 capsules in each bottle and packed in carton boxes with glue end.


Another Bottle Cartoning Machine in the United States

ELITER Packaging Machinery works with the American pharmaceutical manufacturing company EuroPharma to improve their productivity with their nutritional supplements Adaptra, which are bottles of capsules packed in glue-end carton with auto-bottom.

bottle cartoning machine for adaptra

For Europharma, the new cartoning equipment is joined by an unscrambling table to carry bottles and organize them onto the infeed conveyor through which bottles are then fed onto the bucket conveyor of the cartoner machine.

cartoning machine for bottlesThe cartoner, with the acceptance of 3Q verification (IQ stands for Installation Qualification, OQ for Operational Qualification, and PQ for Performance Qualification) was set to work at their plant. Equipped with Focke Meler Glue Melter and SMC pneumatics cylinders for closure, the system offers accurate carton closure performance in the glue-sealed end. Apart from the customized infeed system from upstream and the closure station, the setup includes as well with a barcode printer connecting the discharge and a check weigher to control the outfeeds.

For Adaptra, this installation has streamlined its production process from secondary packaging with carton boxes to quality control with end-of-line.


About EuroPharma

EuroPharma has been operating in the field of the health food industry and now, its brand Terry Naturally is one of the regionally renowned brands of nutritional manufacturing. Adaptra, involved in this project, is a herbal adaptogen formula free from caffeine to fight against fatigue, stress and improve energy.

Europharma terry naturally



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