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Better United for Adhesive Application Projects

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery Hosts Luis Guerra, Sales Manager at Focke Meler Gluing Solutions S.A.

[Ruian of Wenzhou, May 20th, 2023] – ÉLITER Packaging Machinery, manufacturer and global supplier of cartoner, overwrapping machine and wrap-around sleever, was honored to welcome Luis Guerra, Asia-Pacific Region Sales Manager at Focke Meler Gluing Solutions S.A.

The Most Reliable Adhesive and Gluing Solutions

Focke Meler Gluing Solutions S.A. has been the option preferred by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery for years with basically all the past projects for adhesive application either for cartoning or for wrap-around sleeve packaging.

Focke Meler Gluing Solutions S.A. is a recognized leader in hot melt adhesive application systems and equipment. With more than 60 years of experience, the company has established itself as a major player in the worldwide packaging industry. Mr. Luis Guerra shared valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations in the adhesive application field, which will help ÉLITER enhance its solutions further.

Focke Meler


Looking Up to Sustainable Gluing Solutions

During the visit, Zhiwei Bao discussed with Mr. Luis Guerra the recent trend of glue-less packaging and asked for Focke Meler’s opinions and actions regarding sustainability.

Mr. Luis Guerra introduced and discussed the recent gluing application field including their latest solutions of Micron + Foam. Focke Meler Micron+foam is a sustainable gluing solution that offers several benefits.  Micron+ FOAM is a compact melter for foaming hot-melt adhesives that offers double savings: 60% energy savings and up to 50% reduction in adhesive consumption.
Foam is eco-friendly and reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional solvent-based adhesives that are harmful to the environment. The Micron+foam technology also helps reduce glue consumption, by accurately applying just the right amount of glue without any waste. This technology can be used in various industries such as packaging, woodworking, automotive, and textiles. Its versatility and sustainability make it an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining high-quality standards.


Better United for Future Projects

Mr. Luis Guerra was taken for a tour around our facility to review our range of packaging machines, including cartoner, overwrapping machines, sleeve carton machines, and end-of-line packaging systems. The two companies will work together with commitment to automation, innovative packaging, and sustainability, which are essential for businesses in the packaging industry to leverage these technologies to stay competitive in today’s global market.



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