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Automatic Soap Horizontal Cartoner for Skintopia

Multi-Functional Soap Horizontal Cartoning Machine Delivered to the Philippines


In the middle of September, ÉLITER finished and delivered a project for incorporating carton packing automation system in the soap packaging line for a Philippine company SKINTOPIA.

The cartoner is designed based on our DZH-120CA model reaching a maximum output of 120 CPM. Upon the special requirement of SKINTOPIA, that cartoner is designed for both Tuck-End Carton Application and Adhesive Glue-Seal End Application.




Cartoning Machine Automatic Cartoner


They decided to choose our product and service for the reason of the efficient performance and economic cost of our DZH-120 series cartoning machines. And most of all – the adjustable machine structure to cover various format, carton type, and the easy manipulation format changing.





Soap Cartoning Machine

Soap Cartoning Machine

A soap cartoning machine can be used individually by manual loading or coordinating with other packaging machinery such as soap overwrapper by the front line or with a case-packer afterward for case packing. The soap cartoning machine can be applied for tuck-in carton or glue-end carton, or a combination of them such as a tuck-in top and glue-end carton.

For the adhesive application and sealing of glue-end, we installed the Focke Meler B4 Glue Melter together with a pair of SMC or Air-Tac Pneumatic Cylinders to fold the panel.



DZH-120 Series End-Load Cartoner

ÉLITER – a HUANENG Company – always strive to offer our customer with affordable cartoning machine of efficient performance and personalized design. We introduce to the market our DZH-120 series End-Load Cartoner which is suitable for the carton box packing of miscellaneous carton types including: Tuck-End, Seal-End, Auto-Bottom, Hanger Carton, and so forth.

Horizontal Cartoner DZH-120

The advantages of the DZH-120 Cartoning Machine are as follow:

Economic Cost and Efficient Performance

With a total affordable cost, you can acquire the optimum carton automation solution that surpasses its price and delivers out-of-expectation satisfying performance reaching an maximum output of 120 CPM and adaptable to various carton formats.

Fast and Easy Format Change

All of them are built with an adjustable structure. To change the format, the operator only has to rotate a screw and replace several components. Customers could specify the formats which they’d like to get covered when assigning the project. Upon the delivery, we’d preconfigured the machine and dispatch it with a full set of replacing components.

PLC Steered Operation System and Self-Control System

Through the Human-Machine Interaction Panel, the user can acquire a friendly and easy-to-understand configuration experience. All of the machine’s functions are reading for setting from this interface.

Self-Control Function to Guarantee Stable Output

The incorporated photoelectronic sensors also help to improve the machine’s function and performance. No carton magazine would be consumed if there is no product introduced to the machine. An eliminator is also optional to keep a control on the output side to get rid from the packaging line any results in which no product, or leaflet if any, or so forth is not inserted.

Personalized Design

Cartons come in a considerable variety of forms and shapes: straight tuck end, reverse tuck end, seal end, auto-bottom, or even a combination of them. We specially build the machine to fulfill the demands of specification of each category of them such as the solution of magazine erection, tuck closing, end panel sealing, etc… Every set of our cartoning machines comes from the endeavor of our engineers.

For more information about cartoning machines please check our Guide for Cartoning Machine and Cartoning Solution

About Skintopia

Skintopia is a manufacturer, selling company, and also labeling manufacturer of personal care products that offer customers innovative and affordable skin-care and beauty soap products. The company focuses on the Filipino market. The company is also a brand of Migo Skin Inc which produces high-quality personal care products for other well-known brands in the market and was established 8 years ago by CEO – Mrs.Elaine Ladera and her husband CFO – Mr. Mark Ladera.

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