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ESTRENA™ Automatic Carton Sleever

ESTRENA™ Fully Automatic Carton Sleever

While companies worldwide are replacing plastic wrapping for their multipack packaging with carton sleeve, following this industrial trend ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is also striving to offer the corresponding packaging automation solutions to boost further our customer´s efforts to improve sustainability with their packaging.

ESTRENA™ Fully Automatic Carton Sleever is the answer we present to the market. Driven by SIEMENS SINAMICS V90 servo systems and developed on full SIEMENS Platform, ESTRENA™ is a carton sleeving machine that can run at a maximum speed of 120 sleeves per minute, and is available for various products including trays of ready meals, yogurt cups, dessert and snacks pots, pet meals, vegan meals, etc. 


Features and Advantages of ESTRENA™ Carton Sleever

  • Left-in and right-out machine or vice versa available
  • Powered sleeve hopper for large quantity of sleeve blanks and auto feed
  • Fixed sleeve magazine change part
  • Sleeve magazine with auxiliary pneumatic agitation for sleeve pick-up
  • Patented rotary sleeve feeder. Pickers always face outwards thus no collision in the sleeve
  • Servo driven overhead belts and can be levered for maintenance
  • Focke Meler B4 hot melt jetting system
  • SIEMENS Control Platform
    • – SINAMICS V90 servo converter
    • – SIMOTICS S-1FL6 servo motor
    • – KTP 900 HMI Panel
  • Speed up to 120 PPM according to container size and format
  • Caster mounted for easy installation
  • Ergonomic safety guards with hall switches for operator safety
  • Emergency buttons available at all corners
  • Robust stainless-steel construction for food-grade use
  • Very simple size change within 5~10 minutes


Replace Plastics with Carton Sleeve


Source: delkor

In the past, companies in the dairy, drinks and beverage industries used to have their products such as yogurt cups, ice cream cups, dessert pots, etc., loaded onto a tray and then wrapped in plastics through shrink wrapping.

A significant downside of such packaging is the waste caused: the cardboard tray, and then above all the plastic film waste led by the shrink wrapper. On the other hand, given the fact that plastic wrapping must go through a shrink tunnel, the heat there would be a negative factor for dairy products which are sensitive to high temperature, minimal though it might be now that it only happens during the packaging process.

The carton sleeve, however, is in fact a more sustainable packaging option to supplant the above-mentioned method.

The principal advantages are as follows:

  • The carton sleeve used for wrapping the packaging is recyclable
  • The packaging automation process of carton sleeving involves no high temperature for heat-shrinking
  • The tray is no longer available for supporting the package
  • The sleeve offers more advertisement surface than the tray does and is more appealing in appearance.


What are the Packages ESTRENA™ Adapts to?

For the current stage we are at immediate disposal to offer carton sleeving automation for single package and simple form of multipack such as 2*2*1 yogurt cups, 1*3 tuna cans or dessert pots, 1*1*2 ready meal trays. Some examples are as follows:

More about ESTRENA™ Carton Sleeving Machine

As one of the precursory manufacturers of Carton Sleeving Machine and Wrap-Around Sleever in China and according to our company´s strategy of transformation, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is looking forward to offering our customers solutions that parallel those sleevers by EU manufacturers and offer the same level of performance and quality. Please contact our team without any hesitation to apply for more information about our carton sleeving automation and ESTRENA™ Wrap-Around Sleever.


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