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American Drinks Brand Chooses Sleeve Cartoner by ÉLITER

wrap-around sleeve cartoning machine

ENSURE, the American brand of supplements and meal replacements turns to cardboard sleeve packaging to replace the shrink wrap for their 6 packs of bottled nutrition shakes in multipacks.

The project was delivered on ÉLITER Packaging Machinery´s entry-level choice for wrap-around sleeve packaging – the sleeve cartoner, with a medium-level speed of 40 packs per minute.


Sleeve Cartoner Installed in the U.S.

Processing and manufacturing companies in the food, drinks and beverages industries are looking to replace shrink wrapping with cardboard sleeves for secondary packaging to control plastic waste and improve sustainability with their secondary packaging.

With ENSURE, a sleeve wrap-around cartoning machine was engineered given the expectation of lower medium speed and affordable cost.

Wrap-around sleeve cartoner is a back-up option for clients with a limited budget yet still expect to automate their cardboard sleeve packaging as flexible as possible and sleeve overwrapped in a tight way, which is critical when it comes to multipacks packaging. A general end-load cartoner that applies pre-glued sleeve is not a good choice in this sense.” said Zixin Yuan, digital marketing coordinator at ELITER Packaging Machinery.

The equipment, built with metrics including intermittent motion, and speed of 40 packs per minute, was delivered to ENSURE Drinks in the United States.


What are the Different Cartoners for Cardboard Sleeve?

There are basically three options of packaging machines for wrap-around sleeve packaging as follows

  • Pre-glued sleeve cartoning machine

End-load cartoning machine that loads containers into pre-glue sleeves from the open end. Frequently used for single trays of ready meals.

  • Wrap-around sleeve cartoning machine

End-load cartoning machine that applies flat sleeve blanks, load either individual packs or multipacks, with glue seam on the superior part of the package.

  • Wrap-around sleever

Advanced cardboard sleeve packaging machines are ideal for both individual packs or multipacks that overwrap them with flat sleeve blanks and with glue seam on the inferior part of the package.

TypesPre-glued SleeveCartonerSleeverSleeve Wrap Around Cartoner
SleevePre-glued sleevesUnglued Flat Sleeve BlanksUnglued Flat Sleeve Blanks
PackageSingle PackagingSingle Package and MultipacksSingle Package and Multipacks


Technical Data of Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoner

Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoner is a bespoke version built on ÉLITER Packaging Machinery´s end load cartoner machine model and handles up to 50 packs per minute, format and size-dependent.  The machine is joined by Focke Meler Glue Melter and a series of glue sealing systems with pneumatics from SMC.


  • Production speed: Up to 50 sleeve wraps per minute
  • Format: Either individual pack or multipacks
  • Net weight: 1320 KG.
  • Applications: trays of ready meals, dairy cups, bottles…
  • Multipack configuration available for 1×2, 1×3, 2×2, 2×3

Technical Data

  • AC motors
  • Focke Meler Glue Unit
  • Available bespoke infeed unit
  • Pneumatic glue seam sealing system
  • CE mark.

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ELITER Packaging Machinery works intensively to offer packaging automation and packaging equipment for wrap-around sleeve packaging that boosts sustainability with your secondary packaging and helps to improve your effort in plastic replacement.

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