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Adhesive Cartoner Installed at Chilean Cereal Brand’s Site

Wild Foods Protein Granola Wild Protein is a brand of Wilds Foods which is a Chilean company dedicated to developing and manufacturing miscellaneous food products such as muesli, granola, cereal bars, etc. The company’s products are placed on the shelves of Walmart, Jumbo, Lider, etc. 

 The project was completed on an adhesive application cartoner based on our traditional horizontal end-load cartoning machine model and joined by B4 Glue Melter by Focke Meler, a Spanish company of gluing solutions with which ELITER Packaging Machinery has been working in the long run.


Adhesive Cartoning Application Extensively Used in the Food Industry

In the food industry, preservation, sanitation, and protection are of utmost importance when it comes to packaging. And this is why glue-sealed cartons are widely used as secondary packaging for miscellaneous products such as cereal and muesli. While tuck-in closures are vulnerable to exterior damage, glue-sealed cartons offer solid closure status with better air tightness than tuck-in carton boxes. What’s more, glue-sealed cartons are more suitable for heavy-loading purposes.

Cereal Boxes

Adhesive Application Cartoner for Granola by Wild Protein

The cartoner involved in this project is entry-level with a low cost of set-up investment that makes it a cost-effective choice for those medium-sized businesses who expect to take avail of this automation to facilitate their packaging at the basic level.

The speed was configured at 40 cartons per minute with bags of granolas placed manually by people onto the cartoner machine’s bucket conveyor. The carton boxes involved here are glue-sealed cartons with auto-bottom (automatic bottom). Installed with Focke Meler glue melter to spray hot melt glue onto the closure panel while loaded boxes are moving along the lug chains, the closure is then completed by a pneumatic cylinder on one end while another is automatically formed once carton blanks are erected.

Automatic Cartoning Machine 120 adhesive

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Available applications: cereal bars, cereal, muesli, granola, oats and avena, pizza…

References: Líder Avena, Wild Foods, Skintopia…

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