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Adhesive Application Cartoner Machines for Cereal Box

Cartoner, Adhesive Packaging, and Carton Styles in the Food Industry

Adhesive packaging is widely used in various industries and especially for sealing cartons. In most of the context where adhesive packaging is involved, it is frequently that the sealing boxes is for products such as beverages and foods. Soon as you open the cabinet in your kitchen and check the cereal or muesli you have for breakfast, you’d soon find out the carton box is sealed by glue.

But WHY?


Cereal Carton Boxes


Adhesive Sealed Carton Boxes as the Secure Secondary Packaging

Most cereals are packed in an aluminum bag or plastic bag as the primary packaging and then loaded in a carton box. It is easy to spot the reason:

  • Aluminum or plastic bags are for freshness and to keep moisture out
  • Carton boxes are for transportation, storage, and most importantly to protect the flakes.

Carton boxes, not only for cereal, muesli, or anything else in the food industry, as most usually sealed by glue. The key factor to take into consideration is that carton styles such as tuck-end cartons are vulnerable to being tampered with during transportation and being displayed on the shelves, while the sanity is of utmost importance in the food industry, it is no doubt that they are not the suitable carton packaging for them. Just imagine that a customer can easily open the carton, check the containment and then put it back and tuck the carton…

Totally, on the contrary, an adhesive sealed carton would be of no such a problem. Now that once it is torn the packaging is not recoverable.

ste or glue carton

Glue Seal Carton or Tuck-End Carton: Which one do you find better for the cereal?


Bottom Styles that Go with Adhesive Sealed Cartons

Bearing in mind that the packaging must be irreversible after being tampered with, without any doubt that the tuck-end should definitely not be the choice for food packaging, and what’s more, the tuck-end is not secure enough to sustain the weight of a bag of cereal or even heavier containments and would no be capable to support itself.

In that case, the bottom styles for cereal box of other kinds of food packaging can be:

  • Auto-bottom
  • Snap-Lock Bottom
  • or samely the adhesive sealed bottom


Adhesive Application Cartoner for Your Secure Food Packaging

cartoning machine adhesive application 2The food industry is where the majority of our customers come from. ELITER Packaging Machinery always bears in mind your specific needs to automate your carto packaging in a secure manner while maximizing the possibility for conspicuous carton styles and styles.

Adhesive Application Automatic Cartoning Machine by ELITER is already a market-proven solution for cartoning packaging automation in food industries with a presence reaching customers worldwide such as Lider and Wild Foods in Chile.


cartoning machine with focke meler glue melter Features of our Adhesive Application Cartoner Machine

  • Joined by Focke Meler B4 Glue Melter
  • Air-Tac / SMC / Festo Air Cylinders for Panel Closure
  • Compatibility for carton sizes from small to large
  • Bespoke design available
  • Available for the most special carton styles such as Snap-Lock bottom or Gable Top.



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