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3 Primary Types of Overwrapping Packaging: Application, Pros and Cons

Overwrapping is a Versatile Kind of Plastic Film Wrapping Packaging

Widely used for products such as cosmetics, fragrances, coffee, and tea boxes… overwrapping packaging (overwrap packaging) is recognized as one of the most versatile forms of plastic film packaging. But…

Do you know that in accordance with the product’s size and category,
different types of overwrap packaging can be applied.

Here in this post, we talk about the different kinds of overwrapping packaging and give an in-depth introduction together with the pros and cons of them.

tea and coffee overwrapping machinery


Primary Tips to Define the 3 Types of Overwrapping Packaging

The typical features of overwrapping packaging are that the film is tucked and folded into a diamond shape and then sealed, shrunk, and secured by heat. The overwrapping packaging can be defined into three major types:

Each of them is to be used based on the size of the product and with the requirements of the customer taking into consideration.

Fully-Sealed Overwrapping

monos food overwrappingJust as its name indicates, the film wrapping carton at the horizontal end is shrunk totally by heat to seal the overwrapping packaging. Fully-sealed overwrapping is the most common form of overwrapping packaging due to its excellent compatibility with a wide range of carton sizes.

The advantage of fully-sealed overwrapping is that it is the most secure and solid overwrapping. However, as the horizontal end is totally shrunk by heat it is inevitable that fully-sealed overwrapping carries more evident wrinkles than the other forms of overwrapping.

Spot-Sealed Overwrapping

nail oil overwrapping packagingSpot-sealed overwrapping is such as overwrapping where the conjunct two sharp edges of the folded film’s fin are sealed slightly in a dot area to finish the sealing, where the major rest part remains in a sleek manner without being shrunk the heat. Spot-sealed overwrapping is often used on cartons with a fine square cross-section and high-value-added products such as luxury cosmetics and fragrances. Spot-sealed overwrapping is the most elegant and sleek film packaging due to its succinct yet charming appearance, however, spot-sealed overwrapping is restricted to carton boxes with square cross-sections, and due to the tiny sealed area, it might be not suitable for large cartons.

Strip-Sealed Overwrapping

strip sealed overwrappingStrip-sealed overwrapping somehow resembles spot-sealed overwrapping now that there is just a limited area shrunk by heat to secure the packaging. Yet, strip-sealed overwrapping is usually used for large carton sizes with a rectangular cross-section

The frontlines of the folded film reaching from the front and rear panels overlap each other thus forming a rectangular overlaid area, which is to be sealed by the heat to secure the packaging. Strip-sealed is just like a remedy between the spot-sealed and fully-sealed overwrapping, with concession made between the secure and appearance.

Overview of the Pros and Cons

To put it in brief word, the above three types of overwrap packaging vary in the restriction to carton sizes and shapes, then come the differences with regard to visual appeal, how much shrinking is done on the two ends, and wrinkles of film.

TypesCartonsShrink AreaAppearanceWrinkles
Fully Sealed OverwrappingNot restrictedTotal+++
Strip Sealed Overwrapping
  • Not restricted
  • Carton with rectangle cross-section
Spot Sealed Overwrapping
  • Cartons with spare shape cross-section
  • Carton size restricted

How May I Auomate Each of these Styles with an Overwrapping Machine?

An overwrapping machine is a versatile plastic and polymer packaging machine that applies film over an object, folds the film at two ends of the object just like envelopes, and seals the film by heat.

The secret to how to do each one of these overwrap packaging varieties is about the sealing station and how we may process the shape of the heating plate (the aluminum parts) on two sides.

Sealing Station of an Overwrapping Machine
Credit: ELITER Packaging Machinery


Find the Overwrapping Packaging that Fits Your Products

After the above introduction, it is supposed that you’ve got a general understanding of the pros and cons of the 3 primary types of overwrapping packaging and how and to what products they are used. In case you are still confused with any questions, professionals at ELITER Packaging Machinery are at your immediate disposal to cast light on it.

110 packs per minute overwrapping machine -
A Premium Overwrapping Machine by ELITER
Credit: ELITER Packaging Machinery

To find further information:

Automatic Overwrapping Machine – ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

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