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Asking your supplier bunches of questions is a critical part and beginning of your purchase and then the partnership. From here you will find everything you may want to ask us.

Contact details of the company

ELITER Packaging Machinery
No.1088 Jingye Rd, Economic Development Zone
325200 Ruian of Wenzhou, Zhejiang China
+86 (0)577 139 588 12103
+86 (0)577 6168 2128

Contact data of the company owner

Zhiwei Bao
No.1088 Jingye Rd, Economic Development Zone
325200 Ruian of Wenzhou, Zhejiang China
+86 (0)577 139 588 12103
+86 (0)577 6168 2128
ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is a company of Ruian Huaneng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd, and a name we use for international presence.

We are a family-owned business in the field of packaging automation and packaging machinery. With our facility located in Ruian of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, our category covers cartoner, overwrapping machine and wrap-around sleever.
The company was founded in 2013 yet with our trajectory traced back earlier to 2000s, our packaging machines have reached clients in all over the world.
This question frequently does not help you to identify your supplier in the packaging machinery industry. Since there are mountains of resellers pretending to be the manufacturers out there in China, everyone when asked of this question would say that "I am the manfuacturer" or "We are a factory".

At ELITER Packaging Machinery, with our code of conduct and philosofy of integrity, what we can ensure you is that all what we supply are originally manufactured by ourselves. We do not engage in anything of resourcing and reselling.
We have a limited category of machinery and basically all of them are dedicated to the automation of secondary packaging:

  • Cartoner machines:We have at your disposal our conventional model of intermittent motion horizontal end-load cartoner and our latest model of continuous motion Crescendo Cartoner. We have got proven exprience in terms of cartoning automation for special carton styles and shapes.
  • Overwrapping machines:Our turret overwrapping machines are recognized as the best-in-class options on the market thanks to our patented technolgy. Our references and successfuly installations with renowned clients in the sector of consumer packaged goods, tobacco and pharmaceuticals stand for our excellence in quality and performance when it comes to overwrapping machines.
  • Wraparound sleever:our next-generation mindset leads us to the development of advanced and cutting-edge packaging machines and the result is the ESTRENA Wrap-Around Sleever. This model is a milestone that marks a new stage of our business to supply high-end packaging automation solutions to be counterpart to

Apart from above-mentioned, we supply as well ancillary equipment and devices including material handling systems, conveyor systems, customized system for grouping and infeed, etc., however, they are not sold seperately and are only available for a specific project.
Depending on the complexity of the project and the machine you need, our lead time varies from at fast as 20 days to as long as 5 months.
Please specify:
  • The products to be applied
  • Details of the packaging, size, shape, and better with a picture or layout.
  • Specify the speed you would like to reach
  • Specify how would you like to feed the products: manually or automatically, off-line or in-line.
  • Provide information on the upstream and downstream machinery, should we have to synchronize with your existing equipment
  • Anything you may check with us.
Sure. References and some information on our past projects are available at Resource Center.
Yes. Our technical services are offered in two ways:

  • Sending technicians from our company:
  • Sending our own people to your site is one of the choices. The cost is in accordance to the year's service fee and technical rate.
  • Sending technicians from our service network:
  • Depending on your location, we can organize and dispatch people from our partner among the service network who is near to your country. The cost is at request.
Implementing packaging automation and buying a packaging machine is not a simple transaction but a long-term cooperation between the user and the manufacturer. We are at your service during all the lifyspan of the packaging equipment sold. Services are offered in two ways:

By distance: your problem will be solved through virtual communication like email, video conference, documents and instructions.
Onsite: technicians are to be sent either from China or from our regional service network partner.
You are welcomed to visit our facility, the address of which is given on this page.
You should travel by air to Pudong International Airport and then take China Railway from Hongqiao Station to Ruian Station, where we will pick you up.
The above terms and conditions apply to all orders between ELITER Packaging Machinery and the buyer. In any circumstances, ELITER Packaging Machinery is equivalent to RUIAN HUANENG MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD which is the parent company and both enjoy the same right.