Sleeve Packaging and Cups

Wrap-around sleeve packaging for cups on cartoner and sleever.

Cups and Sleeve Packaging

Sleeve packaging for cups, either for single container or multipack, is covered by our cartoning machines and wrap-around sleever in accordance to your requirements such as speed and coverage of sleeve for advertisement space and to turn to total wrap-around or partial wrap-around.
Single cup Sleeve Packaging Single cup Sleeve Packaging

1x Cup Packaging

A singule cup wrapped by carton sleeve, either partial or total wrap-around, and secureed by edge-lock or cap-lock.
1x2 cups cans with sleeve packaging 1x2 cups with sleeve packaging

1x2 Cups

A single layer of double cups with carton sleeve in forms of total or partial wrap-around.
1x3 cups with sleeve packaging 1x3 cups cans with sleeve packaging

1x3 Cups with Sleeve Packaging

Wrap-around sleeve packaging for 1x3 cups secured by cap-lock.