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Beauty and Aesthetic at Packaging Level

Ever since the outset of our business and we’ve been partner for numerous cosmetics manufacturers. While cosmetics care for the beauty of human, ÉLITER´s task it to care the aesthetic of these items. Cosmetics Packaging always requires high standard solutions – flexible, high output, hygiene, precise and agile. ÉLITER is always ready to work with our customer to help introduce their cosmetics with fine packages into market as fast as possible.
  • Fragrances
  • Decorative Cosmetics
  • Body Care
  • Facial Mask

"There is no Overwrapping Solution in China Better than what ÉLITER Offers"

Overwrapping Solution for Facial Skin Care Masks

ARRESAL 阿伊莎 is a manufacturer located in Guangzhou that produces a large variety of cosmetics products. They came to ÉLITER requesting 11 sets of automatic overwrapping machines for their skin care facial masks prodcution line. The challenge was that an output of 90 PPM was required for their production while the wrapping output must be of satisfying appearance and stable performance. After having checking with bunches of suppliers in China they finally turned to ÉLITER

After the on-site review of our BT-2000L Automatic Overwrapping Mchine, ARRESAL was soon convinced by its unparalleled performance and decided to place order immediately for that fact that the BT-2000L was the only automatic cellophane overwrapping machine available in China that could reach the output of 100 overwrapps per minute with a totally reliable and stable output and perfect performance of film fold-wraping.

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