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Consumer Goods

Innovative Packaging Solutions for Food and FMCG

Consumer goods and foods come in miscellaneous packages and in enormous variety of form as seen principally on the supermarket shelves. Such is a feature that makes the packaging solution for them a special task that requires case-by-case review. From cereal that our customers have for breakfast to yogurt and ready meal they consumed for lunch or dinner, ÉLITER´s endeavor and care would be possibly found within these commonly seen and consumed items.
  • Ready Meal
  • Tea Bag
  • Tobacco
  • Instant Product
  • Pet Food
  • Snacks
  • Portion Package Foods

Our Solutions for Clients in Food Industry from Chile

Avena, Cereal Bar, Muesli - ÉLITER´s cartoning solution for consumer goods

Latinamerica is an attractive growing market in which ÉLITER has always been seeking opportunities to reinforce our presence. Through our trajectory we´ve offered packaging automation solutions for some famous customers there in the food industry and you may not notice that some of your consuming goods such as the cereal you have for your breakfast is packed by our cartoners.

ÉLITER presented automatic Cereal Bar cartoning solution for a Chilean food brand - The Wild Foods. The cartoner is designed based on our DZH-120C cartoning machine for large size carton box and installed with Meler B4 Melter for adhesive application and two formats are supposed to be used on the machine.

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