A family-owned business going through transformation and reincarnation.

Company profile

Secondary packaging automation solutions. Packaging machinery manufacturer with innovation mindset.

As brand set to reinforce the international presence, ELITER Packaging Machinery is the reincarnation of a family business in the packaging machinery industry for three generations. With our current category covering cartoners and overwrappers though, the company is taking steps to transform itself into a innovation-focused company developing new machinery including Wrap-Around Sleevers and more, with ambition to cover more of the secondary packaging automation and end-of-line solutions.
ELITER Packaging Machinery aims to set a different outlet in contrast to other manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our quality and performance mindset is endorsed by our proven excellence in overwrapping automation as well as our innovation in Wrap-Around Sleever.
* Employees
* Equipment
>50 Sets Installed each Year
* Export
* Sales Volume
8,000,000 CNY per Year

Company Impression

Customer Focus

Satisfied customers are the pivotal factor of a sustainable business. We strive to get each project delivered with our full attention and importance attached.

Quality and Innovation Mindset

We are taking transformation to step away from the homogeneous and inferior-quality competition. Offering cheaper and more inferior is not our strategy.

Work Life Balance

Work and private life combined in an equilibrium is important to personal well-being. We care about both psychological and physical status of our employees. We support our employees to reach a balance of life.

Sustainable Business Approach

We aim to create a positive cycle of business. To establish and maintain long-term cooperation with customers – stable and reliable product quality and service are critical.

Qualified Supplier Cartoner and Overwrapper Manufacturer China

Company Image

A Glance at ÉLITER

As the reincarnation of a family business in the packaging machinery industry, ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is striving to take transformation and reinforce our international presence. Our current packaging automation solutions cover from cartoning to overwrapping. And now we are investing in the innovation of carton sleeving and horizontal end-load case packing.

Our Beliefs:
Customer Care: the primary task of our business and the way we do sustainably.
Business Ethics: Be authentic. As a small family business and manufacturer we focus on our own machinery only and we are not like those bogus companies that disguise as manufacturer of everything yet outsource and resell.
Go for transformation: We are doing our best to set apart from the homogenous competition and go for a higher level and market-positioning with our effort attached to R+D+I.

What Does the CEO Say

Belief of a SME and Family Business

We feel reluctant to boast about the insubstantial features and figures such as the so-called history, factory area, number of clients and so forth like what those others companies do. As a small and family business of 18 people only and a manufacturer of a limited of category of machinery, our beliefs are simple.

Private owned companies has been criticized a lot during the recent years in China around topics of 996 ICU and unreasonable company culture. We wish to set a different path with our business and that all of our employees feel just at home.

This is my overarching prospect with our family business.

Packaging machinery manufacturers in China has been growing in a totally unsustainable way. People attach no importance to the R+D+I and only look to make quick money, get competitors down by price war, and as a result machinery made in China are with inferior quality. We wish to cleave our own path by investing in the development, research and innovation in new machinery of higher performance and quality, and of higher level to set a different outlet from what others do here.

We wish to be helpful rather than selling our machinery only. Apart the from the pre-sales and after-sales service, we are full at our customers disposal for any question around packaging machinery.