Cellophane Overwrapping Automation

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Automation for Film Overwrapping Packaging

Cigarette wrapping, gift wrapping, tuck and folding wrapping...

The purpose for which we wrap our product with a film out layer is for sake of preventing the product, both the out packaging like carton and its inner containment from the contamination and affections of elements and facts from the exterior environment. Or to put it in a word, for purpose of conservation but also the aesthetic – appealing appearance.
ÉLITER´s lasting endeavour in offering customers with best-in-class overwrapping solutions has been recognized both in local and international market. Our BT-2000 Overwrapping Machines are the top leading overwrapping solutions avilable in the Chinese market.

Overwrapping and Shrink Wrapping are the two primary film packagings that commonly used. Know the advantages and disadvantages of each of them is essential before looking to purchase a film packaging machine: shrink-wrapper or film overwrapper.


ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is the Market-leading manufacturer of automatic overwrapping machine.

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Enhanced and driven by our patented technology, cellophane overwrapping machines by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery are capable of running at a speed of up to 100 PPM.

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Overwrapping packaging is also know as the tuck-and-fold wrapping.

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Overwrapping Packaging in Various Markets

Where overwrappings are applied

pharmaceuticals overwrapping
foods overwrapping
toothpaste overwrapping
Overwrapping is of considerable promotional features and attractiveness - a packaging style that enhances sense of superiority on the products.

Applications of Overwrapping

Film packaging that enhances visual appeal and protects the products.

What is Overwrapping Packaging?

Tuck and Fold WrappingOverwrapping is also known as Tuck and Fold Wrapping: a style of film wrapping packaging which is only applicable to containers, cartons, objects with flat sides, or to put it in other words, objects in cubic or cuboid shapes. The Tuck and Fold Wrapping is featured by its typical style of film folding on the end-side where the fringe of films are tucked and then folded to be sealed together thus forming a diamond-shaped appearance. In fact, the packaging material of overwrapping is not only restricted to film, let it be BOPP, BOPLA, BOPET, etc...  such as the paper which we see on the gift wrapping is also available for overwrapping.

Application of Overwrapping

The purpose of adopting overwrapping packaging (over wrap packaging) are principally as follow:
  • Enhance the appearance: Tuck and Fold Wrapping helps to enhance a sense of superiority and improve the visual appeal.
  • Conservation: the film overwrapping protects the product from containment and also proves that the product has been stored and arrived at the customer's hand without intact and has not been tampered with.
  • Energy Saving: when used for bundling and multipack packaging, overwrapping consumes less energy than shrink-wrapping does and thus calls for less cost.
For these features, overwrapping is welcomed and commonly applied for products such as:
  • Tobacco Products: Cigarette, Shisha, Hookah...... Collating Overwrap has been adopted to replace an outer carton
  • Pharmaceuticals: Pharmas somtimes turn to be temperature-sensitive. The overwrapping produces less heat than shirnk wrapping does
  • Luxury Products: Perfume, cosmetics... which need prestigious visual appeal
  • Drinks: Coffee and High Tea... same reason for fine visual appearance
  • Digital Products: CDs, DVDs...

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