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Cartoning Machine for All Industries and Carton Styles

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Carton box is the most frequently used form of packaging for products regardless of their industries. Ever since the outset of our business we have been focusing on the design and construction of packaging automation and cartoning packaging machinery. We have noted that for a majority of the customers looking for cartoning solutions the cost is the primary factor to consider, apart from the output. And all of our automatic cartoning machines are constructed with these concerns.
Our C120 Series Automatic Cartoning Machines have been proven and endorsed by our users worldwide in terms of performance, quality and the realtively competitive cost. Our effort in cartoning can be found within from industries such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to those fast-moving ones such as foods and consumer goods,
We are at your disposal to offer the most cost-effective automatic cartoning machines.

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gable top carton boxes cartoning machine

Gable top carton boxes are consipicuous for their style and shape and usually used for confectionery products such chocolate, biscuit, nuts and dry foods. Gable top carton boxes are featured by the convenience of re-closing by inserting the tuck back after having tearing up the packaging

Check how ELITER Packaging Machinery's bespoke cartoning machines cover your packaging automation for gable top carton boxes.  

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Cartoning machines are categorized into a wide range of types according to their pattern of loading and functions. Learning the one-two-three of cartoning machines is essential before charting your course to procure a cartoner machine for your packaging automation.

Visit our primary page of automatic cartoing machines to find more information.

glue end boxes cartoning machine

Cereal boxes, gable top cartons, refrigerated foods... the seal-end cartons or glue-sealed carton boxes are pretty common on food products.

Check our blog post to find our the "why" and how the adhesive application cartoners by ELITER enhance the seal-end cartoning automation for food packaging


cartoning machines for special carton boxes

Cartoning machines by ELITER Packaging Machinery are not only restricted to tuck-end applications. Neither should a cartoner's function be limited to such a basic level. Find our the bespoke cartoning machines by ELITER that can cover the automation for a wide range of carton styles and further than tuck-end cartons.


Customized Cartoning Packaging Automation with Efficient Performance

Bespoke Cartoning Machine for All Industries and Carton Styles

The horizontal cartoner by ELITER is adapted to all industries and compatible to various carton styles

Cartoning machines by ELITER are all delivered on a project-by-project and bespoke basis. We understand our customer's expectation to install a cartoner that adapts to their products and a various kinds of carton styles further than tuck-end cartons.

bespoke customized cartoning machine for all carton styles