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As a family-owned SME for three generations, the cartoning machines have been one of the pivotal section of our business.

Basically speaking, cartoning machines are for the automated process of erecting carton blanks into formed cartons, loading packages of materials into formed cartons and completing the closure by tuck-in, adhesive or other kind of closure in some special cases.

Our expertise and professionalism acquired during the long term have driven us to also being capable of designing various kinds of infeed systems to fit your specific products.

At ÉLITER Packaging Machinery we also attach our ultimate effort to ensuring that our cartoning machines are available for all carton styles from the simplest ones as tuck-end cartons to those most special ones including gable top carton boxes, snap-lock bottoms or wrap-around sleeves.

Sections of our Cartoning Solutions
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End-load, Wrap-Around, and so forth
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Horizontal End-Load Cartoners

Economic Option for your Cartoning Automation
Take avail of our expertise acquired during three generations of business with the end-load cartoning automation.

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Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoner Machine Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoner Machine

Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoning Machines

Cartoning Automation beyond Carton Boxes
Sleeve Wrap-Around Cartoning Machine is an economic alternative of our Fully Automatic Wrap-Around Sleever for either single pack or multipack containers.

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gable top carton boxes cartoning machine

Gable top carton boxes are consipicuous for their style and shape and usually used for confectionery products such chocolate, biscuit, nuts and dry foods. Gable top carton boxes are featured by the convenience of re-closing by inserting the tuck back after having tearing up the packaging

Check how ELITER Packaging Machinery's bespoke cartoning machines cover your packaging automation for gable top carton boxes.  

Cartoning machines are categorized into a wide range of types according to their pattern of loading and functions. Learning the one-two-three of cartoning machines is essential before charting your course to procure a cartoner machine for your packaging automation.

The guide elaborated by ELITER Packaging Machinery has all of your doubts around cartoning machines solved.

Cereal boxes, gable top cartons, refrigerated foods... the seal-end cartons or glue-sealed carton boxes are pretty common on food products.

Check our blog post to find our the "why" and how the adhesive application cartoners by ELITER enhance the seal-end cartoning automation for food packaging


Cartoning machines by ELITER Packaging Machinery are not only restricted to tuck-end applications. Neither should a cartoner's function be limited to such a basic level. Find our the bespoke cartoning machines by ELITER that can cover the automation for a wide range of carton styles and further than tuck-end cartons.


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