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Packaging Automation for Stationery

Expert in horizontal end-load cartoning machines for ball pens and marker pens

Proven Packagin Solutions for Stationery

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marker pens cartoning
Marker Pens

Cartoning machines with specially designed infeed system for marker pens. With functions of counting, grouping and rejection incorporated.

ball pens cartoning
Ball Pens

Packaging automation solutions for ball pens no matter in sinlge-pack or multipack, either with clips or not.

Our Clients in the Stationery Industry

Yosogo Writing Instrument Sdn. Bhd was founded in 1898 and till currently it has been growing steadily into on of the leading stationery manufacturers in Malaysia.

Mitsubishi Uni-Ball

Uni-ball and Uni are brands of pens and pencils, made by the Mitsubishi Pencil Company Limited of Japan. The brand was introduced in 1979 as a rollerball pen model, then expanding to the rest of Mitsubishi Pencil products