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While nowadays a majority of the manufacturers in China turn to offer below-fair-and-average and even inferior overwrappers that basically meet the demand of film wrapping, ELITER anchors the market positioning at a different level.

An adequate set of packaging machine should not be a pure pile of steel but rather should be durable, stable not only at lower configured settings but also necessarily at higher speed, fine quality but not basically function-meeting, and convenience of use...

ELITER's answer to the market is our BT-2000 Series Autoamtic Overwrapping Packaging Machine installed with patented technologies, cutting-edge design and excellent performance.

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  • Best-in-class quality
  • Market-leading output
  • Patented and advanced design
  • Fast format changeover with lower cost

  • automatic overwrapping machine

    The overwrapping packaging is not as simple as you have suggested. Film overwrapping can be categorized into three types including spot-sealed, strip-sealed and fully-sealed overwrapping.

    Check the insight to find out the pros and cons of each of them and their applications to various products.


    Automatic Overwapping Machine, knwon as well the overwrapper or film overwrapping machine, is a machinery for the packaging automation of film overwrapping or tuck-and-fold wrapping process.

    Check the complete handbook by ELITER to find out the basic knowledge and details of overwrapping machines and film overwrap packaging.

    The overwrapping packaging is a omnipresent form of secondary packaging on cosmetics and fragrances due to its feature of enhancing visual appeal and improving sense of superiority.

    Check the post to learn more about the overwrapping packaging and automation solutions offered by ELITER Packaging Machinery


    Patented technology that makes great difference. The market-leading overwrapping machine that is capable of running at a higher speed of up to 100 cycles per minute by ÉLITER Packaging Machinery.

    Excellent film overwrapper for your shisha and hookah products.


    Driven by Patented Design
    Speed up to 100 Cycles per Minute

    Market-Leading Overwrapping Machinery

    Automatic Overwrapping Machines for your Film Wrapping Automation

    Design and Manufacturing Turret Overwrapping Machine

    ELITER Packaging Machinery design and produces turret style overwrapping machine from affordable pneumatic version to higher-performance servo-driven version covering your different level of demand for cellophane overwrapping machine

    Market-Leading Automatic Overwrapping Machines

    ELITER takes leading position in local-marketing in terms of cellophane overwrapping machinery. The BT-2000L Overwrapping Machines, installed with our patented technology, can reach a maximum speed of 100 PPM which is an unparalleled performance among overwrapping machines available in China.

    Primary Styles of Overwrapping Packaging

    Superior film packaging of visual appeal

    Spot Sealed
    spot sealed overwrapping
    Spot-sealed overwrapping is the most elegant and sleek film packaging due to its succinct yet charming appearance, however, spot-sealed overwrapping is restricted to carton boxes with square cross-sections and due to the tiny sealed area, it might be not suitable for large cartons.
    Strip Sealed
    Strip Sealed overwrapping
    Strip-sealed overwrapping somehow resembles spot-sealed overwrapping now that there is just a limited area shrunk by heat to secure the packaging. Yet, strip-sealed overwrapping is usually used for large carton sizes with a rectangular cross-section. 
    Fully Sealed
    Fully Sealed overwrapping
    The advantage of fully-sealed overwrapping is that it is the most secure and solid overwrapping. However, as the horizontal end is totally shrunk by heat

    Markets to Which Film Overwrappers are Applied

    Where overwrappings are applied

    pharmaceuticals overwrapping
    foods overwrapping
    toothpaste overwrapping

    Check our Overwrapping Machinery

    Cellophane overwrapping machines from different level are available for your choice depending on your requirements and context in which the machine is to be installed and applied for.
    Market-Leading Turret Overwrapping Machines
    blue lines
    Unparalleled speed, fully stable performance, innovative design
    automatic overwrapping machines | turret overwrapping machine manufacturer
    Maximum Speed: 100 PPM
    Servo Infeed Unit
    Carton Size(mm):60*40*20 - 200*160*80
    Automatic Overwrapping Machine BT-2000L
    Automatic Overwrapping Machine BT-2000LZ
    Maximum Speed: 100 PPM
    Extra L-Shape Shrink Unit
    Servo Infeed Unit
    Carton Size(mm):60*40*20 - 200*160*80
    Maximum Speed: 50-70 PPM
    Pneumatic Infeed Unit
    Carton Size(mm):60*40*20 - 200*160*80