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Our next-generation models of cartoning machines target high-end market

Next-Generation High-Speed Horizontal Cartoning Machine

The ingenious cartoning packaging combined of mechanicals, multi-axis servos and motion control technology.

A conventional intermittent cartoner can hardly reach a speed beyond 120 cartons per minute.
While a continuous motion cartoner can go beyond this speed, however, the footprint becomes larges and the installation cost rockets.

Have you ever wondered a cartoning solution that can reach an ideal balance between these two options?

The ¨Next-Generation¨ model - Cescendo Cartoner is the answer ÉLITER Packaging Machinery presents to this questions.

We have incorporated this new form of cartoning machine a smart loading system joined by sophisticated programming and servo technology, thanks to which this continuous motion cartoner is totally different from the conventional ones.

The Duet-200 Smart Loading System of Crescendo Cartoner dispenses with the complex barrel cam loaders which are one of the factors that make conventional continuous cartoners expensive. The results of such an innovative approach are minimized footprint, affordable installation cost, and still compatibility with medium and large sized cartons, especially for the food industry.

Crescendo cartoner - ELITER Packaging Machinery

Advantages and Features:
  • Compact and smart servo-driven synchronous tracking loader system
  • Maximum Speed of 200 cartons per minute (200 CPM)
  • With both the benefits of intermittent and continuous cartoning machines
  • Ergonomic structure with safety design in compliance with EC standards and FCMs Standards
  • Balcony design for easy accessibility and maintenance
Innovations of CRESCENDO Cartoner
bigger and faster - ELITER Packaging Machinery
Bigger-Faster: Improved Carton Size Tolerance

The conventional continuous motion cartoner can take a lot of space when being used for large cartons due to the elongate pitch distance.

This is not the problem for CRESCENDO Cartoner. You can expect to pack large carton sizes without the worry that the machine will by large footprint.

Thanks to that there is no barrel cam loader, CRESCENDO is of excellent size tolerance to pack large articles.

duet loder system
DUET - Innovative Loader System

DUET is patented material loading system designed by ELITER Packaging Machinery to supplant the complex barrel cam loaders of the conventional continuous motion cartoner

DUET loader system follows a reciprocating and synchornous motion by tracing the bucket conveyor and can load two packages of material at a time. The servo driven system is sophisticatedly programmed to carry out smooth and reliable loading functions. Thanks to the servo technology, the two loads per cycle pattern makes this machine a ideal and economic alternative to continuous motion cartoner for high speed cartoning automation solutions.

TRIO - advanced optional of Duet System is also available. Consult our team.  

affordable high speed cartoner - crescendo - ÉLITER Packaging Machinery
Affordable High Speed Solution

You can expect a high speed cartoning packaging automation without worrying the extravagant budget while the speed is far beyond what your really need.

The simplified structure of CRESCENDO Cartoner makes it far more affordable than a conventional continuous motion cartoner and still offers a speed of up to 200 cartons per minute.  

Multi-Axis Servo, Electronic Camming and Motion Control Technology

DUET 200 Smart Loader is a sophisticated system with motion control and servo technology to replace the barrel cam loaders.

With SIEMENS S7-1500 Motion Control, multi-axis servo structure with SIMOTICS S-1F16 motors, as well as SINAMICS V90 servo converter and SIMATIC CPU1515T. The DUET 200 system is set up with a multiple-axies electronic caming profile with a specifically calculated periodic function Y=F(x) between slave axis and matster axis, a precise continuous sequnce of x-y points, as well as the motion control of this system with the machines' overall speed.


  • Camming profile by CAM_Realtime module of E3PLC Studio IDE
  • Multi-axis servo system with SIEMENS V90 motors
  • SIMOTION Drive Control System
  • Enhanced motion profiles without mechanical adjustment or changes involved

electronic cam and motion control
electronic cam and motion control

Why Crescendo Cartoner?

Beneftis of ÉLITER´s new continuous cartoning machine

Features of
Conventional Cartoning Machines
Intermittent Cartoner

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Simple in structure
  • Can't reach high speed
  • Mediocre size tolerance
Continuous Cartoner

  • High Speed
  • Improved carton size compatibility
  • Extravagant
  • Complex in structure
Crescendo Cartoner
Crescendo Cartoner

As compact as an intermittent cartoner. Ideal for limited space availability.

Reaching 200 CPM, sufficient for basic high-speed application.

Simplified structure with minimum mechanical parts.

Carton Sizes
Compatible for either small, or medium and large size cartons.

More economic than a continuous cartoner. Reduced installation cost.

Smart solution with servo technology.

Application by Products and Primary Packaging

Packages of material to be loaded into cartons. Send us information on what's not here.

Introduction to CRESCENDO Cartoner

CRESCENDO Cartoner: Compact High-Speed Cartoning Machine

Looking for Low Speed Options?

Our traditional end load cartoner is still available for you

DZH-120 Horizonal End-Load Cartoning Machines are our conventional models with proven installation around the world throughout our trajectory of three generations.

The machine fulfills all the standard working sequences and expectations for automatic cartoning packaging: carton erection, insertion and loading, closure by tuck-in or with adhesive application.

Our conventional cartoning machines are of low installation cost for customers from all industries including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, personal care, nutritional supplement, etc, who look forward to affordable packaging machine with all necessary automation provided.

With our mindset of "beyond tuck-in and adhesive", we have proven references to handle those most special carton styles including wrap-around sleeve, snap-lock bottom, tongue and tucks, and even those with the most complex structures.

automatic cartoning machines | cartoning machine manufacturer

gable top carton boxes cartoning machine

Gable top carton boxes are conspicuous for their style and shape and usually used for confectionery products such chocolate, biscuit, nuts and dry foods. Gable top carton boxes are featured by the convenience of re-closing by inserting the tuck back after having tearing up the packaging

Check how ELITER Packaging Machinery's bespoke cartoning machines cover your packaging automation for gable top carton boxes.  

Cartoning machines are categorized into a wide range of types according to their pattern of loading and functions. Learning the one-two-three of cartoning machines is essential before charting your course to procure a cartoner machine for your packaging automation.

The guide elaborated by ELITER Packaging Machinery has all of your doubts around cartoning machines solved.

Cereal boxes, gable top cartons, refrigerated foods... the seal-end cartons or glue-sealed carton boxes are pretty common on food products.

Check our blog post to find our the "why" and how the adhesive application cartoners by ELITER enhance the seal-end cartoning automation for food packaging


Cartoning machines by ELITER Packaging Machinery are not only restricted to tuck-end applications. Neither should a cartoner's function be limited to such a basic level. Find out the bespoke cartoning machines by ELITER that can cover the automation for a wide range of carton styles and further than tuck-end cartons.


Affordable Conventional Cartoning Machines

Horizontal End-Load Cartoners
Proven installation, effective performance and affordable cost

Throughout our trajectory we have installed our conventional models of cartoning machines all over the globe in regions including Asia Pacific, North and South America, the Middle East and some countries in the Eastern Europe.

DZH-120 Horizontal End-load Cartoning Machines, as an entry-level option though, are designed with patent structures and are incorporated with concerns around easy size changeover and tolerance with wide range of carton styles and sizes.

The cartoning machines follow the processes of erecting a carton blank into a formed carton box, inserting the product, folding the flaps and close the carton. With all necessary features such as no product no carton, emergence shut down, automatic stop upon errors and faults.

customized cartoning
  • Designed on project-basis
  • Adapted to your specifications
  • Extra infeed or outfeed system
  • Your extra specifications
customized cartoning
  • Wide range of carton sizes covered
  • Tuck-Application or Glue-Application
  • Special carton styles available
  • Compatible for multiple cartons
  • Focus on handcraftmanship
  • CE certified and ISO 9001:2015
  • In compliance with GMP standards
  • Customizable for your requirements

More Details about our Conventional Cartoners

Horizontal cartoners, just as their name suggest, typically insert a package of material into the carton horizontally which is featured by the fact that the carton is set and erected with an open end facing sideways.

In general, the horizontal end-load automatic cartoning machine comprises of the infeed bucket conveyor, carton hopper or carton magazine, carton erector, pushrod or the inserter, flap and tuck folder, output conveyor that consists of lug chains, and the discharge station.

While the bucket conveyor moves in a intermittent way, the erector releases carton blanks from the hopper and set them into erected and folded carton with an open end faceing horizontally from which the pushrod would insert the package or material into the carton once when the bucket position moves into alignmente with the position on lug chain where carton is erected.

Then the load carton moves along the horizontal path of the output conveyor and goes through the dust-flap and tuck-in station and thereafter for discharge,
Your cost-effective cartoning machines
blue lines
Quality, performance, stability and reliability
automatic cartoning machine | cartoning machine manufacturer


No carton blanks will be erected without the infeed detected
Automatic rejection of failure
Overload protection
cartoning machine | automatic cartoning machine manufacturer cartoning machine | automatic cartoning machine manufacturer
cartoning machine | automatic cartoning machine manufacturer cartoning machine | automatic cartoning machine manufacturer

Patented Designs

Patented carton blanks erector to boost the cartoning machine's output

Available for Various Carton Styles

From tuck-end application to adhesive application
Special carton styles from snap-lock bottom to gable top
snap lock bottom cartoning machine | automatic cartoning machine manufacturer snap lock bottom cartoning machine | automatic cartoning machine manufacturer

Carton Styles Covered by ELITER Cartoners

Cartoning Machines for not only tuck-end cartons


Samples to which our Cartoning Machine's Adapted

cartoning machine for gable top box


Tea Bag in Gable Top Box
Be&Cherry Glue End Carton


Glue Sealed Carton
Straight Tuck-End Carton Skintopia Soap


Straight Tuck-End Carton
adaptra cartoning sample


Glue Sealed and Auto-Bottom Carton
buropa cartoning sample

Buropa Maroc

Tuck Top and Snap-Lock Bottom
buropa cartoning sample ball pens

Buropa Maroc

Tuck Top and Snap-Lock Bottom
adya green pharma cartoning sample

ADYA Green Pharma

Reverse Tuck-End Carton
bv tea bags


Tuck-Top and Auto-Bottom
punto hanger tab

PUNTO Lock Industry

Hanger Carton
snap lock bottom carton with inner tray

Beauty Herbal

Snap-Lock with Inner Secure
carton box with inner tray


Perfume Carton with Inner Secure
wildfoods cereal box

Wild Foods

Autobottom Cereal Box